Lisa Schaeffer

Game Marketer

Paris, France

I'm Lisa, a Paris based Game Marketer. My main interests are project-tailored marketing, personalized branding, team management, and press relations. I like tea, Japanese cuisine, minimalistic aesthetics, and cats. I like to work on delicate marketing that is mindful of each project's needs and ambitions. You can contact me at [email protected] or on Twitter @Silversober.

Work Experience


    Marketing Manager Intern|Mar, 2017Jul, 2017

    PLAYMIND is a 15-year-old Montreal-based interactive installations and video game studio. I joined the team to work on their debut game, The InnerFriend, still in development.

    • Marketing plan creation (market research, positioning...)
    • Studio - Publisher/RP agencies relations
    • Social Medias plan creation & Community development
    • Event planning (A MAZE 2017/Nordic Game 2017/Gamescom 2017)
    • Alpha in-house playtests organisation & results analysis
    • Studio and Game Branding research
  • pop-up urbain

    Video Games Project Intern|Apr, 2016Aug, 2016

    pop-up urbain is a urban prospective agency. They study pop-culture to inspire public and private institutions, city councils, companies, to create the cities of tomorrow.

    • Daily prospection on video games and urbanism/architecture interactions
    • Internship project: organize and run the "BioDesign and the City" Game Jam, in partnership with the CRI's GameLab: 11 games, 4 days, at the Montparnasse Tower in Paris
    • "Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Movement in an augmented reality" (FR)
    • "Pokémon trainers are urbanists like any other" (FR)
  • Them Games Studio

    Communicatoress|Apr, 2014Apr, 2016

    Them Games is a Parisian indie studio. I had full agency on the social media presence and the marketing plans. It was an in-depth approach to the indie game world. I particularly enjoyed networking, and attending events.

    • 'inSynch' Humble Store release - May 2014
    • 'JamGamesList', from jam games to commercial games - February 2015 (ongoing)
    • 'Homemade DOTA2 Data', Heroes analysis - June 2015
    • 'inSynch' Steam release - September 2015
    • 'inSynch' Play Store & iTunes Release - January 2016
  • La Gaîté lyrique

    Games and Documents Curator, Facilitator - Resource Centre|Oct, 2014Jan, 2015

    The Gaîté lyrique is a digital art venue in Paris, hosting a documentation centre combining a library and a work space. I was to welcome visitors, and to curate video game-related resources for the public library.

    • Information and assistance for the Centre users
    • Applab (tablet area) curation and mediation (games and video toys)
    • Comics, manga, and visual novel curation linked to the temporary exhibitions on site.
  • La Gaîté lyrique

    Video Game Space Facilitator (internship and part-time) |Jun, 2014Apr, 2016

    The Gaîté includes a Video Game Space illustrating the venue's current thematics. I had to present games in a way to appeal to people of all ages, and to curate games to fit someone else's artistic vision.

    • Futur en Seine 2014 - Curation of locally developed games for the space during the event
    • Video Game Space curation - games curation and descriptions, facilitation with the public


  • Université Denis Diderot Paris 7

    Master Intelligence and Cultural Innovations - Semiology, Visual and Written Communication, Entrepreneurship|Sep, 2015Sep, 2017

    It's a two-year bilingual professional cursus mixing both academic and practical knowledge. Marketing, written & oral communication, teamwork, Community Management, event planning, Semiology, Curation, and much more. To quote an alumni: 'it's a cursus that teaches how to learn'.

  • Université Denis Diderot Paris 7

    Licence LLCER Anglais (undergraduate) - English Studies, Visual Studies|Sep, 2012May, 2015

    UK & US History, UK & US Literature, Phonetics, Linguistics, Translation.

  • Lycée Fénelon, Paris

    High School Literary Diploma - English Specialization|Sep, 2008Jul, 2012


  • Earth: A Primer // A Normal Lost Phone

    Translation|Jul, 20152016

    Earth: A Primer is your school science book made app. Interact with the inner mechanics of the Earth to understand how our planet works - volcanoes, dunes, water cycle, and many others. Translated texts include the game itself, and all promotional and marketing texts. / / / / / You’ve just found a lost phone. Now find out the truth. A Normal Lost Phone is a Global Game Jam 2016 game made in 48 hours. I helped Accidental Queens with the translation of the jam game, as well as the Ulule crowdfunding page, from French to English.

  • Transmedia Nostalgia - A Semiotic analysis of Sam Barlow's Her Story

    Author|Dec, 2015

    Final assignment for our Symbolic Clusters class in Master 1. A study of the audiovisual and video games influences of Sam Barlow's Her Story.

  • The Hitchcock Archives

    Author - Web Developer & Designer|Nov, 2015

    Part of a group assignment to introduce us to data visualization. Hitchcock's archives are spread over Europe and the US. We couldn't process that much information so we reversed the problematic: we designed a one-page website with Twine.

  • MindGames: On the path towards self-taught A.Is

    Author - Creator|Mar, 2016

    A writing/web assignment to give us the basics of creating and publishing on The theme was new technologies. Deepmind's AlphaGo was playing against Lee Sedol, putting A.I machine learning research on the front pages of mainstream media.

  • IndieCade Europe // Screenshake 2017

    Volunteer|Nov, 2016Feb, 2017

    I enjoy attending events, and learning about event organization through volunteering.


    • Social Networks - Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr / Instagram - Personal and professional use
    • ()presskit / ()distribute / Basic HTML5 & CSS3 / MailChimp
    • Translation (EN-FR/FR-EN)
    • Role-playing games - Real-Time and Turn-Based Strategy games - Indie games