Lisa Schaeffer

Game Marketer

Loughborough, East Midlands, UK

I'm Lisa, a Game Marketer freshly established in Nottingham. I enjoy working on delicate marketing that is mindful of each project's needs and ambitions: Project-tailored Marketing - Personalized Branding - Press Relations. You can contact me at [email protected] or on Twitter @Silversober.

Work Experience


    Marketing Manager Intern|Mar, 2017Jul, 2017

    PLAYMIND is a 15-year-old Montreal-based interactive installations and video game studio. I joined the team to work on their debut game, The InnerFriend, still in development.

    • Marketing plan creation (market research, positioning...), Studio - Publisher/RP agencies relations
    • Social Medias plan creation & Community development
    • Event Coordination (A MAZE 2017/Nordic Game 2017/Gamescom 2017)
    • Alpha in-house playtests organisation & results analysis
    • Studio and Game Branding research
  • pop-up urbain

    Video Games Project Intern|Apr, 2016Aug, 2016

    pop-up urbain is an urban prospective agency. They study pop-culture to inspire public and private institutions, city councils, companies, to create the cities of tomorrow.

    • Daily prospection on video games and urbanism/architecture interactions
    • Internship project: organize and run the "BioDesign and the City" Game Jam, in partnership with the CRI's GameLab: 11 games, 4 days, at the Montparnasse Tower in Paris
    • "Mirror's Edge Catalyst: Movement in an augmented reality" (FR)
    • "Pokémon trainers are urbanists like any other" (FR)
  • Them Games Studio

    Marketing & Communication Manager|Apr, 2014Apr, 2016

    Them Games is a Parisian indie studio. I had full agency on the social media presence and the marketing plans.

    • 'inSynch' Humble Store release - May 2014
    • 'JamGamesList', from jam games to commercial games - February 2015
    • 'Homemade DOTA2 Data', Heroes analysis - June 2015
    • 'inSynch' Steam release - September 2015, 'inSynch' Play Store & iTunes Release - January 2016
  • La Gaîté lyrique

    Video Game Space Facilitator (internship and part-time) |Jun, 2014Apr, 2016

    The Gaîté includes a Video Game Space illustrating the venue's current thematics.

    • Futur en Seine 2014 - Curation of locally developed games for the space during the event
    • Video Game Space curation - games curation and descriptions, facilitation with the public


  • Université Denis Diderot Paris 7

    Master Intelligence and Cultural Innovations - Semiology, Visual & Written Communication, Entrepreneurship|Sep, 2015Sep, 2017

    It's a two-year bilingual professional course mixing both academic and practical experiences. Marketing, written & oral communication, teamwork, Community Management, event planning, Semiology, Curation, and much more.


  • Earth: A Primer // A Normal Lost Phone // The Propahverse

    Translation|Jul, 2015Current

    Earth: A Primer is your school science book made app. Interact with the inner mechanics of the Earth to understand how our planet works - volcanoes, dunes, water cycle, and many others. Translated from English to French. / / / / / You’ve just found a lost phone. Now find out the truth. A Normal Lost Phone is a Global Game Jam 2016 game made in 48 hours. I helped Accidental Queens with the translation of the jam game, the Ulule crowdfunding page, from French to English. /// The Propahverse is a independent, passion game by Hitpoint Games. I'm currently in charge of english to French translation, and Marketing.

  • Transmedia Nostalgia - A Semiotic analysis of Sam Barlow's Her Story

    Author|Dec, 2015

    Final assignment for our Symbolic Clusters class in Master 1. A study of the audiovisual and video games influences of Sam Barlow's Her Story.

  • MindGames: On the path towards self-taught A.Is

    Author - Creator|Mar, 2016

    A writing/web assignment to give us the basics of creating and publishing on The theme was new technologies.

  • IndieCade Europe // Screenshake 2017



    • Social Networks - Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr / Instagram / YouTube
    • ()presskit / ()distribute / Basic HTML5 & CSS3 / MailChimp / Trello / GIF-making / Steam /
    • Translation (EN-FR/FR-EN)
    • Role-playing games - Real-Time and Turn-Based Strategy games - Indie games