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Katelyn Friedson

Senior Product Manager
Los Angeles, CA


Work Experience


Product Manager

Nov 2018 - Current
  • Manage roadmap and digital product strategy for Clare, a connected food allergen sensor that enables users to test food for the presence of allergens and receive results on their mobile device
  • Design mobile prototypes to facilitate early market feedback during focus groups & usability tests
  • Created concept for automating food density calculation, reducing cognitive load and eliminating nearly 90% of all testing errors
  • Led design and execution for food allergy restaurant guide, a POC that leverages Clare community test results to rate food allergy-safety
  • Doubled 1st-test completion rate by automating food density calculation, eliminating manual errors and reducing cognitive fatigue

Jibo (ROBOTICS) - Boston

Product Manager

Aug 2017 - Jul 2018
  • Managed Mobile, Multimedia and Partnership roadmap initiatives for Jibo, the world’s first social robot for the home
  • Redesigned Jibo's Photo Skill to be more fluid, efficient and less error-prone, resulting in a 68% lift in skill 'completion rate'
  • Launched bluetooth-enabled mobile app, Jibo Commander, allowing users to control what Jibo says and does, re-engaging over 1/3 of our beta participants

Paint Nite (Yaymaker) - Boston

Product Manager

May 2014 - Jul 2017
  • Managed product roadmap for Paint Nite, a marketplace platform that offers locally-hosted in-person events and virtual experiences
  • Spearheaded relaunch and technical rebuild of e-commerce site, increasing CTR by 70% and reducing bounce rate by 40%
  • Led checkout optimization project, resulting in a $2 lift in ROAS and a 50% decrease in customer refund requests
  • Introduced and implemented agile ideation plan, collecting and testing 40% more concepts, to determine the effectiveness and cost/benefit of each proposal

Care.com - Boston

Mobile Product Manager

Apr 2011 - Apr 2014
  • Led the launch of Care.com's iOS and Android applications to market from concept through development to launch, reaching over 300M users on both sides of the market, doubling DAUs and tripling views/ session
  • Launched and evolved “Care Gigs,” to become Care’s fastest growing care vertical, resulting in increased usage and engagement
  • Created tools and services that made it easier for care providers to create credible-looking profiles and effectively represent their experience
  • Optimized mobile-web "Post a Job" conversion rate by automating laborious, text-heavy tasks, resulting in a PAJ completion rate of close to 85%

Thumbplay Music (iHeartRadio)- NYC

Mobile Product Manager

Jan 2011 - Jan 2007
  • Launched music streaming service & "Spotify rival," across Blackberry, Android, iPhone and web, generating 500k downloads in its first-round release
  • Leveraged subject matter expertise in recommender systems to spearhead Thumbplay's partnership with Echo Nest
  • Managed all digital marketing efforts and identified multi-platform use as a key indicator of reduced churn
  • Launched new music streaming service, available across mobile app and web, generating 500k downloads in its first-round release
  • Leveraged subject matter expertise in recommender systems to spearhead Thumbplay's partnership and integration efforts with The Echo Nest, who was later acquired by Spotify for $100M in 2014
  • Led development of multi-variant tests that identified multi-platform usage as a key indicator of reduced churn among paying subscribers
  • Led music recommendation and discovery features on mobile and desktop, including "Playlist Genie" "Artist Radio" and "Artist Tags"


Fairfield University

B.A English & Communication

Sep 2002 - May 2006

Skills & Interests

Jira Sketch Adobe CC Google Analytics Full Story Invision/ Omnigraffle Product Planner
DTC Mobile UX / UI / IA design Conversion optimization User research / focus groups Prototypes Agile / Lean prod dev Rapid experimentation / testing Third party integration Strategic partnerships
Dance Design Music Travel Ski Trips