Sami Kuzey

Agile Tech Lead & Fullstack Developer & Entrepreneur
Pragmatic programmer with 20 years of experience, 15 years as an engineering manager. Led various teams and delivered many mission-critical projects. Highly skilled at Building teams, Peopleware, Agile, TDD, Clean code, System Design, and Java. Entrepreneur with startup attempts.

Work Experience


Backend Tech Lead

Jan 2018 makes organizations a breeze, by matching up service providers with organizers.

  • Recruited talent
  • Built the architecture of the application
  • Guided team members and together we developed the first version in 8 months


Software Engineering Manager / Java Chief Architect

Feb 2017 - Sep 2017

Crossover is the biggest company in the world with %100 remote teams, working with dozens of companies around the world.

  • Managed Optiva Telecom's India teams
  • Prepared training tutorials to speed up the orientation of Optiva dev teams
  • Coded new features for Aurea Energy, using Java and Groovy

Self Employed

Freelance Contractor

Nov 2016 - Jan 2018

During this period, I worked for Securitas Turkey as a software consultant. They had dozens of software systems developed by disparate teams and they had maintenance problems. We reshaped the teams around loosely coupled microservices and re-wrote several systems from scratch using Java techs. I also coded their Facebook like Employee Portal using .Net and AngularJS

  • Moved the systems from monolithic applications to loose-coupled microservice modules
  • Helped coding several microservices with Java, Spring and Netflix Microservices Stack
  • Coded Employee Portal using .Net and Angular


Co-Founder, CEO

Jun 2015 - Oct 2016

Kodstar is a web-based solution to learning to code (like codeschool, teamtreehouse, codeacademy, etc.). The product was technically quite complex. and required solving out-of-ordinary problems, like running code in the browser and evaluating code semantically. It is built on all kinds of state-of-the-art techs from micro-services to the cloud. We completed the software, produced most of the education content, started beta tests, then we had to stop because of the political atmosphere in Turkey.

  • Set and communicated a unified vision and culture
  • Recruited talent and make sure the right people are in the right seats
  • Helped architecting the product using Java, Play framework, Python, AngularJS
  • Managed and contributed to coding, marketing, content production, customer building
  • Seeked investment

Centre for Assestment, Selection and Placement, ÖSYM

Head of Software Development

Apr 2011 - Jul 2016

ÖSYM is one of the most critical corporations of Turkey that seriously affects the lives of millions. The company was inefficient with several decades-old techs. They often hit the headlines negatively.

I hired 20+ people including developers, testers, analysts, designers, and organized into teams. We developed more than a dozen projects and successfully shipped all of them. In 4 years, we replaced 6 old software, introduced 7 new ones.

  • Hired and led 20+ people to the development of a dozen projects, using agile methods
  • Solved unusual problems such as; automated publishing using latex, securing the questions with bank-level standards
  • Fullstack development using Java, Spring, Hibernate, AngularJS



Started the company from scratch together with owners and built a "health care management system" for hospitals.

We finished this "crazy complex" product (which many other companies failed to finish) with huge success and deployed it to a public hospital in one year; within a fraction of expected cost and time.

  • Recruited talent, set the culture, and led the development of Health Care Management System, using Agile methods
  • Full-stack development using Java, Hibernate, Swing

Codeera Software Solutions


Started up, an online reservation system for private soccer fields (1+ billion dollar market) and a social network for players. Although we didn't fail, I stopped because of a lack of co-founders and investment.

  • Coded and started up
  • Developed “TR-069 Configuration Server " for Turk Telekom, with which they can manage millions of customer devices, such as ADSL modems and IPTV STB’s


Freelance Consultant

Hired to help them start NBC (nuclear biologic chemical) command and control center project.

  • Coded the infrastructure using Java stack,
  • Mentored the team about Agile methods, code quality, and Java stack

The Central Union of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives of Turkey

Agile Practice Lead

The corporation needed an ERP solution to manage its 1900+ associations. I co-led 14 people to the development of the product using Java, Hibernate, Spring, and JSF. We successfully finished the product and received high praise from the top management for improving the efficiency of the company. We were among the first to successfully enable agile in a big project in Turkey.

  • Introduced ExtremeProgramming to the company, training/adopting developers about XP and practices
  • Co-lead the team; solving team problems, helping developers, managing/planning iterations
  • Co-developed an in-house framework
  • Co-designed architecture of the system
  • Developed peruse JSF/Facelets components
  • Developed Fit/Fitnesse fixtures; both test and base fixtures
  • Developed modules with team


Senior Software Engineer

I a was a member of the architecture team within -billion-dollar- "Air Force Command and Control Information System" project. The software was being developed for the Turkish Air Force to help them manage war and peacetime. There were hundreds of people working on the project. I and another coworker developed an async database replication system, to effectively deliver time-critical data (such as real-time radar data) to requiring units across the country.

  • Development of an Asynchronous Replication Manager for real-time distributed database requirements, using Java


Software Engineer

This is the first company I joined after graduation as a member of VEDOP (Tax Administration System) for the ministry of finance, a project with hundreds of developers and hundreds of millions of dollars budget. It was a project with stellar success and I learned a lot during my time in this company. I realize now that I was given very critical responsibilities uncommon for a junior developer.

  • Single handedly maintained the core of the project, 100K+ lines of C++ infrastructure code
  • Developed several business modules using C++


Hacettepe University

BS Computer Science




2019 - 2015



2014 - 2019



2009 - 2010


  • Building and Managing Teams
  • Agile Project Management
  • System Design
  • Java Stack
  • Distributed Scalable Systems
  • OO Programming
  • TDD
  • Refactoring
  • x