Lawrence Wu

Lawrence Wu

Montreal, Quebec

I studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto. I’m interested in startups, software development, programming languages, and systems design. I hack with vim, git, and my Mac.

Work Experience

  • Google

    Software Engineer, Intern|Sep, 2016Dec, 2016

    I worked on the Chrome Metrics team. During my internship, I mainly worked on implementing the sharing of experiment state between Chrome processes via shared memory. I dealt with memory close to the metal on all platforms. This improved memory usage and performance and avoided command-line length limits.

    • Twitter

      Software Engineer, Intern|May, 2016Aug, 2016

      I worked on the Mesos/Aurora team. I helped migrate our team's alerts to Twitter's new alerting infrastructure, implemented watchdog support for Mesos, and various other infrastructure-related tasks.

      • Yelp

        Software Engineer, Intern|May, 2015Mar, 2016

        I worked on the consumer-web and recommendations team. I worked on tabbed photo browsing, which can be seen here: I worked on the front-end, back-end, and the machine learning that powers the photo classification.


        • University of Toronto

          Bachelor of Science - Computer Science|Sep, 2013Dec, 2017


        • Juicebox

          Founder|Jun, 2016Current

          A collaborative music listening site.

        • Jarvis

          Founder|Feb, 2016Current

          A personal assistant bot built on Facebook's Messenger platform.

        • noot

          Founder|Jan, 2015Current

          A spaced repetition flashcard app.


          • Python
          • C++
          • JavaScript
          • React
          • Flask
          • Objective-C
          • Caffe