nathan wentworth

Web Dev + Game Dev

Fitchburg, MA

I'm a web and game developer from Massachusetts. For web I know modern html, css, and js. For games I have the most experience with Unity and C#.

Work Experience

  • DryClean Pros

    Shift Manager|Jan, 2012Jun, 2015

    General customer service and cashiering. Acted as manager/leader during evenings and weekends. Trained multiple employees, and would generally work alone or with one other.

    • Fitchburg State University

      Lab Monitor|Jan, 2014May, 2014

      Kept a record of game design lab usage, general maintenance of labs.

      • Fitchburg State University

        Web Development Assistant|Sep, 2015Current

        Maintained the Fitchburg State website, by fixing broken links, typos, and formatting errors. I would also work with school faculty to train them on the CMS used for site development, and I worked closely with the rest of the web development team to make changes to and improve the site.


        • Mansfield High School

          High School Diploma - General Education|Sep, 2009Jun, 2013

        • Fitchburg State University

          Bachelor of Science - Game Design|Sep, 2013Current


        • FLIPFLIP

          Designer, Programmer, Artist, etc|Feb, 2015Apr, 2015

          A game made in a few weeks for class, rewritten later in C#. Featured on various youtube channels, including PewDiePie, and the twitter. This was an entirely solo project, with the exclusion of music.

        • Atleta

          Programmer|Feb, 2016Feb, 2016

          Made for Global Game Jam 2016, a top-down 2D sailing narrative game. I did all of the UI and dialogue code, and contributed to many other parts as well.

        • Downbell

          Designer, Programmer, etc|Jul, 2016Jul, 2016

          Inspired by Downwell, fall down endless waves of bells, ringing each one as you fall. Made in the course of a week.

        • Outerworld Image

          Programmer, Art Director|Feb, 2016Jul, 2016

          A photography/exploration game made on and off over the course of a few months.


          • HTML
          • JavaScript
          • CSS
          • C#
          • Photoshop/Illustrator
          • Git