Nick Nish

Front-end Developer

Los Angeles, California

Hey there! šŸ‘‹ I'm Nick, a passionate developer with a deep love for creating great products and the craft of telling important stories. Because my love for frontend, I consider myself a frontend developer first, but Iā€™m comfortable all over the stack ā€” JavaScript, React/Redux, Ruby on Rails, Node.js are all fair game. I get stoked over conversations of product, design, and brand building. I meditate, learn everyday without fail, and strive to carry joy in everything I do.

Work Experience

  • Bonsai

    Full-Stack Developer|Jun, 2016 ā€“ Current

    I started working on contract to help implement the frontend for the Y-Combinator startup in June 2016. The company aimed to embrace future-facing technologies, and I help implement features using a combination of Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and React-Redux. It's been the ultimate pleasure to help build tools that I love to use myself.

    • BloomNation

      Front-end Developer|Nov, 2014 ā€“ Dec, 2015

      I joined BloomNation in 2015 as a front-end developer to an engineering team of four. My role revolved around all user-facing BloomNation products, including their marketplace, blog, resource center for florists, email marketing, and florist tools. Being apart of a company that helped many business owners survive in changing times was truly a pleasure.


      • California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo

        Business|Aug, 2013 ā€“ Jun, 2014


      • Festies

        Founder|Oct, 2017 ā€“ Current

        Designed and developed webapp to help improve festival-goers' experience by sharing insider tips about parking, weather, preparation, and more.


        • JavaScript
        • React.js
        • Redux
        • Ruby on Rails
        • CSS3/Sass/SCSS
        • UI Design
        • UX Design
        • Product Development