Jan Skóra

Product Designer
Warsaw, Masovian, Poland



I'm an opportunity designer, product design consultant, business enabler & storyteller. Specializing in Discovery and Research phases of a product lifecycle. I bring to the table: - Solid design process for MVP and beyond - Experience in running workshops (Design Sprints, User Personas, User Stories, Brand Attributes, Vision & Mission) - Guerilla user research methods - Fast product prototypes - Stakeholder & team alignment - Market analysis - Business acumen - B2B and B2C experience Let's talk hello@janskora.com | www.janskora.com

Work Experience

Jan Skora Consulting

Opportunity designer

Jan, 2018 - Current

My services work both on personal and business levels simultaneously. I bring teams and people closer to each other while performing regular quality design work for the company.

  • Opportunity Design
  • Business mentorship
  • Design & Brand consulting

Alfhaim S.A.

Chief Design Officer

Oct, 2018 - Current

Alfhaim S.A. is a unique company on the Polish market

built on the latest technological achievements.

  • FinTech 📉
  • Blockchain 🔗
  • Artificial intelligence 🧠

Origami Exchange

Lead designer

Oct, 2018 - Current

Origami cryptocurrency exchange provides European standards of security, transparency, and reliability. It also meets all the requirements of the Malta Financial Services Authority.


Designer / Partner

Sep, 2014 - Jan, 2018

A creative studio specializing in graphic design and visual communication.

Focused on rebranding through great storytelling.

We want to live in a world where brands invite people to identify with them deeply on basic values-level.


Partner / Designer

Nov, 2013 - Aug, 2014

A graphic design studio.

IQ Marketing

Junior Designer

Sep, 2012 - Aug, 2014

A truly 360° agency, specializing in ATL and BTL campaigns.

Worked for:

  • MasterCard
  • Credit Agricole
  • Millenium Bank
  • HBO

Brainshop U-boot

Junior Designer

Jan, 2011 - Jan, 2012

Strategic and creative agency integrating online and offline solutions.

Worked for:

  • Volvo
  • Discovery Channel



Dec, 2011 - Nov, 2012

Created and curated a platform with game tutorials for advanced/pro players. The platform got some decent exposure but I discontinued the project due to lack of resources.


Tischner European University

Master International Relations

Sep, 2005 - Sep, 2010


Introducing Design Thinking to Enxoo

Design lead

Feb, 2018 - Mar, 2019

I've led a rebranding project for one of the top Salesforce companies in Europe. I've managed the process and designed various outcomes along the way. I was responsible for introducing HCD and design thinking to the organization.

Some of the project highlights:

  • Company vision, mission, and strategic consulting
  • Brand Architecture
  • Design thinking workshops
  • Embedding good ux into the organization processes
  • Voice & Tone guidelines
  • Website design

Turnia Generative Trophy

UX Design/Research Consultant

May, 2018 - Dec, 2018

Together with the owner, we've been exploring the business and consumer possibilities of the product. We've been working on customer development and product-market fit.

Designing a platform for Dominos franchise owners (USA)

UX/UI Designer

Mar, 2017 - Oct, 2017

Facilitating product definition and vision with stakeholders. Designing UX/UI for the platform. Leading a fellow junior designer.

I was approached by a manager of a huge franchise in the USA to

design a product that would change the franchise owners approach

to doing social-media. This is a platform for franchise owners who

need to schedule, post and engage hundreds of thousands of local

users with effective campaigns. I was responsible for UX and UI

design for the Public Pages and User Area and creating the

Illustration Design System


Lead Designer

Jun, 2016 - Dec, 2017

I’ve designed and created the platform for bike owners who want to sell

their vehicles for a fair price. The platform has two segments – bike

owners who want to sell and dealers who can browse and bid for the

bikes. I’ve devised and introduced a unique system – MetaScore™

which evaluates vehicles and helps the dealers quickly estimate vehicle


Visual Intuition

UX/UI Designer

Jan, 2018 - Mar, 2018

I was asked to redesign a desktop app for creating Augmented Reality

experiences for brands. My job was to develop efficient task flows and

make the creation of AR experiences fun and easy for new users. On

top of the pleasant experiences, I've overlayed a clean new user