Pablo Fernández

Pablo Coronel
I’ve been working as a UX/UI designer in two companies working with international clients, mostly apps and client dashboards for 3 years now. Also lived abroad in Bahrain for 2 months to work with one of those clients. Before this I worked as freelance graphic and web designer for many years after finishing my Graphic Design Degree in Spain.

Work Experience

Freelance Designer

Graphic & Web Designer

Sep, 2014 - Apr, 2016

Worked with variety of clients and projects. Mostly local shops that needed web design and branding.

  • Learned to work by myself searching for solutions for clients
  • Acquiring expertise at designing quick and taking care of the details

King Eclient

UX/UI Designer

May, 2016 - Dec, 2017

Switched to UX/UI Design working mostly in banking projects. Launched 2 mobile apps and an ATM Redesign project. Also did some Motion Graphics projects for insurance companies.

  • Learn to solve complex user flows
  • Lived in Bahrain 2 months working within a bank

Eunoia Digital

Mid-level UX/UI Designer

Jan, 2018 - Current

Working with hospitality and banking clients. Also more creative projects and the company website redesign. Worked in apps, dashboards, web design, Webflow projects, Motion Graphics and some Cinema 4D tests.

  • Leading projects from start to finish
  • Learned to work remotely for 2 days / week


EASD Antonio Failde

Degree in Graphic Design