Getúlio Rafael Ferreira

Front-end Developer
I have been working with interface development since 2007, specializing in UI and Front End Development. I am a very active professional and passionate about Javascript, ReactJS and SVG. I always try to focus on my results Be a very disciplined and ambitious professional, trying to be 1% better every day!

Work Experience

GFT Group

Front-End Developer

Sep, 2018 - Current

Current Project - Sura Group / AutoVip: Working on insurance quote

project in the automotive segment. My activities are development with

Angular 6, unit tests with Jasmine / Karma, integration with AWS

Lambda. Agile process and relationship with QA team.

  • React, Angular 6+, Jasmine, Node, Git Flow, CSS grid


  • React, React Native, Flutter, Vue , Angular 2+ ,