Elizabeth Eckert

Philadelphia, PA


Ph.D., Information Studies

Long Island University

Sep, 2012 - Nov, 2020

Master of Arts, Journalism

Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY

(formerly CUNY Graduate School of Journalism)

Aug, 2009 - Dec, 2010

Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Aug, 2002 - Aug, 2006


Doctoral Candidate, Information Studies

Long Island University, CW Post Campus

Sep, 2012 - Nov, 2020

Throughout my coursework, I have conducted qualitative and quantitative research on a variety of subtopics in Information Science. Exercising organizational and time management abilities, I developed skills in a variety of methods, including survey, interview, observation, scenarios, task analysis, think-aloud protocols, usability studies, and user personas. I compiled and analyzed data using appropriate statistical measures to write papers and present findings to my colleagues and professors.

  • Conducted independent research and data analyses
  • Wrote papers and gave presentations to report research results
  • Presented work at 2014 IADIS eSociety Conference in Madrid
  • Dissertation based upon research into information needs and behaviors which could serve as preliminary user testing
  • Took courses in Human-Computer Interaction, Information Systems, Information and Society, Metadata, Information Retrieval, Information Services, and Organizational Information Management

Social Media Manager

Developed the Facebook page for the English Language Institute at LIU (https://www.facebook.com/LIUBrooklynELI). Having never used social media, the school had no established presence. Starting from scratch, I worked to grow the page’s audience. This position required a strong sense of organization and self-motivation, as well as a willingness to be flexible and make changes as needed. I utilized my writing and design skills, and worked with ELI staff to create posts that are informative for current students as well as enticing to potential applicants.

  • Created posts to promote events, announce key dates, and offer educational tips
  • Designed graphics and images that are both informative and eye-catching
  • Planned and maintained calendar to achieve balance between types of posts

Blog Coordinator

Aug, 2016 - Apr, 2017

Curated and created content for the Lion Brand Yarn Company and Lion Brand Yarn Studio blogs. Additionally, launched and grew the official Lion Brand Yarn Company Tumblr account. This job allowed me to develop my technical, instructional writing as well as product photography skills. Representing a large, well-known yarn brand, I had to adapt my writing voice and style appropriately, as well as work with both speed and accuracy.

  • Wrote and photographed “how-to” posts for company blog
  • Curated content to promote and spotlight specific yarns and patterns
  • Developed and maintained relationships with outside content contributors
  • Managed and moderated blog comments using Disqus
  • Promoted sales and events via separate yarn store blog
  • Grew Tumblr following from nothing to several thousand in a short timeframe
  • Maintained blog calendar in conjunction with marketing department schedule

Graduate Assistant, Circulation Desk

Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus Library

Sep, 2013 - Feb, 2016

Worked at circulation counter at university library. I assisted students in myriad ways, including checking books in and out, answering questions, troubleshooting account issues, and overseeing reference book usage.

  • Developed basic working knowledge of Library of Congress cataloging system
  • Combined library and information skills with my talent for customer service
  • Answered student questions about campus and a wide variety of other topics
  • Enforced library policy, which often involved both firmness and diplomacy

Reporting and Editing Intern

Beginning as a summer intern, I reported and created content for The Local, which was a collaboration between CUNY and The New York Times. I was later asked to stay on in an editorial and educational capacity.

  • Used photography, video, writing, and digital graphics to cover wide variety of topics relevant to the Fort Greene area of Brooklyn
  • Managed and edited content from outside contributors and journalism students, serving in both an editorial and mentorship capacity
  • Taught and assisted with reporting and photojournalism workshops for local high school students

Teaching Assistant, Interactive Journalism

(formerly CUNY Graduate School of Journalism)

Assisted professor with first semester interactive journalism course. This involved conducting demonstrations, monitoring students as they worked independently, and assisting and answering questions as needed.

  • One of a small numbers of TAs selected for our accomplishments in interactive media
  • Required me to stay up-to-date with appropriate technology and be able to teach those skills to others

Adoption Counselor

As an Adoption Counselor for the Humane Society in Savannah, GA, I was the first human face the public saw upon entering. Also part receptionist and part sales associate, I helped people with their pet adoption needs.

  • Greeted individuals as they entered the shelter
  • Maintained calendar of spay/neuter appointments for veterinary staff
  • Processed animal surrenders
  • Assisted with animal care, such as walking dogs and directing volunteers
  • Reviewed and processed applications and adoptions
  • Maintained website content, including writing profiles for available dogs and cats

Publications and Presentations

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