Heather Farley

Fullstack Software Engineer

Oakland, CA

I do fullstack web development in Ruby, Java, Javascript, or whatever language or stack needed. I enjoy test-driven development and short iterations, pushing code to production often. I have experience in writing APIs, integrating with 3rd party services, and micro-services.

Work Experience

  • Pivotal

    Software Engineer|Jun, 2015Current

    I joined the Internal Application Development (IAD) team as the 3rd developer of a brand new team. In the beginning, our team was focused on maintaining and paying down technical debt for ~20 internal apps that had not been under the purview of any particular team. We also greenfield new apps when the company needs them. As technical debt has been paid down, we've taken to re-writing most of our important Rails apps into Java/Spring micro-services with React.js/Redux front-ends.


    • gSchool (Galvanize)

      Fullstack web developement|Oct, 2014Apr, 2015

      gSchool was a 6 month, full-intensive coding bootcamp. The first three months focused on Ruby on Rails and the second three months were Javascript with Ember.js as well as personal projects.

    • Brigham Young University

      Bachelor of Science - Mathematics, pure mathematics|Sep, 2004Aug, 2007


    • TEACH Program Tracker

      Lead Software Developer|Mar, 2017Current

      The TEACH Program Tracker started as a Hackathon project in early March 2017. It is a responsive web app for medical residents at UCSF Medical Center and in Contra Costa Regional Medical Center to track procedures they perform during their residencies. TEACH is a non-profit program that kept all of the records of their residents in spreadsheets that were updated by the attending trainer at the end of the day. With the new program tracker, the residents can submit their work as they work through their day, relieving the attending from having to do that paperwork and allowing the TEACH Program easier access to their residents' work for grant-writing. While this project was a quick MVP over a weekend, I am continuing to work out bugs, develop a testing suite, and add features for the app to be used in production by the residents and attendings starting July 1, 2017. Right now the stack is only Rails, but there are Javascript features on the horizon.


      • Ruby on Rails
      • Java
      • Spring
      • React.js
      • automated testing/TDD
      • microservices