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Marketing Operations Manager at Greenback Expat Tax Services

Remote(USA Only)
1 month ago
This job posting is over 30 days old, but the application is still open.

The role of the Marketing Operations Analyst is to project manage the day-to-day marketing operations and own the website. The main goal of this role is to support the Customer Acquisition Manager and to make sure that everything that should be getting done in marketing is getting done both well and on time. This will include working with third parties managing website changes, making sure content is written, reviewed, and posted, and generally making sure that marketing is a well-oiled machine via employees and contractors. Also constantly reviewing website has proper functionality, fonts in place.This role is the go-to person to keep things running, organized, and figure things out:Managing marketing annual calendar/plan, collaborating and executing on the end-to-end customer experience, optimizing processes, reporting, and always testing, tracking, and measuring efforts. This role will report to the Customer Acquisition Manager and Business Operations Manager.The purpose of this role is to keep everything organized, make sure nothing gets missed, and help ensure everything gets done. You will also help make sure that the data is 100% correct as data is at the heart of all decisions.You will support cross-functional customer experience/marketing/operations initiatives including IDing issues, creating resolution plans and strategic roadmaps, and tracking of KPIs in collaboration with the Customer Acquisition Manager.

Marketing Operations Ownerships

Ownership of the marketing calendar and annual plan. This includes project management to end-to-end marketing activities.

  • Creation and upkeep of the annual marketing calendar, currently in Airtable.
  • Ensuring we do kick-offs for all major marketing activities to ensure resources, timings and goals are clear and upfront and agreed.
  • Postmortems and close-out of all marketing activities.

Your role is to ensure everyone knows who is doing what, by when. It may, especially at first, be about asking questions and ensuring clarity of all resources needed to ensure no unexpected bottlenecks.Owner of the email database, cookie and unsubscribe processes, legal compliance, and GDPR.This role owns understanding and executing all the ins and outs of legal compliance, cookie opt-in/out process, unsubscribe/resubscribe process, and staying on top of legal and compliance process best practices. This role would flag and work with the Customer Acquisition Manager to implement these changes in HubSpot and other systems:Ensure compliance with relevant spam, GDPR, and other such laws. Utilize legal counsel where needed.Ensure that our list is high quality, marketable, and engaged, and cleaned up on regular basis. Also, ensure a clear plan of strategy/who’s getting what/frequency and optimizing subscription lists to prevent overlap/too many emails.Careful control of the opt-in process, cookie acceptance, and goal to have a clean, useable list with lots of useful info appended to it so we can use for marketing and management.This might also include being the go-to to copyright content, helping with content compliance, etc.Owner of project management and coordination of all marketing initiatives: calendars/meetings, business reviews, projects, reports, setup, onboarding and offboarding freelancers as needed, etc.

  • The go-to person on the Marketing team to figure things out, help get systems, processes, and setups improved.
  • Setting up and alerting Marketing Team of Business Reviews each month, ensuring all set, and sharing with Director of Marketing once ready.
  • Weekly setup, agenda, and sharing of weekly Marketing meetings as well as detailing recap, next steps, and timings to share post-call.
  • Setting up, removing freelancers.

Day-to-day financial owner of systems, freelancers, budget, contract renewals, ROI analysis of what’s working/not working and sharing with Director of MarketingThe focus of this role is to always be on the lookout for how we can invest vs just spend on the business. Efficiency and 1% improvement are a must here.OtherMake sure all elements of the role include an SOP that is up to date and documentation is filed properly, clear and easy for anyone to pick up and use.

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