Sarthak Batra

Front End Developer


Frontend Developer - I do CSS trickery and work with whateverJS frameworks. I like Vue & Ember

Work Experience

  • 98fit

    Frontend Developer|Apr, 2017Current

    • AcadView

      Instructor & Course Designer|Apr, 2017Jul, 2017

      Acadview is an EdTech venture working on the problem of unemployability of higher education graduates in the country. Sample Slide Deck: Accompanying Class:

      • Designed the curriculum for the revamp of the Foundations of Front End Development Course covering HTML,CSS, Bootstrap, Git, JavaScript and AngularJS
      • The curriculum covered Facebook, Spotify and Zomato clones - building something with the students that they used everyday
      • Taught the leading batch (~35 students) of Summer 2017 using Zoom (conferencing tool) along with two wonderful support members: Tanvi and Chashamdeep
    • Edunuts

      Research and Development Manager|Aug, 2015Oct, 2016

      Edunuts is an information based education startup focused on high school and college students.

      • Database Design for Colleges, Coaching and other Educational Institutes
      • Created prototypes for upcoming site features
      • Worked with the Development Team on creating core product (review, course pages, discussion forum) and site content
      • Managed two groups of college interns who worked on exploring the Education system through various R&D tasks and projects
      • Branding (posters, video ads, campaigns) and Hiring Support
      • Writer for Edunuts Edge ( )
      • In-house Jack of All Trades

      Volunteer|Jan, 2016Apr, 2016

      UNESCO MGIEP is a Category-I Research Institution with focus on SDG 4.7 (Sustainable Development Goals). I worked in the Youth Team under the supervision of Abel Caine.

      • Led registrations for UNESCO MGIEP’s international event TAG – 2016 and created a digital workflow for future events
      • Community Building for Knowledge Commons v1 (v2 is live on
      • Co-rapporteur : YESPeace Workshop
    • The Yellow Sparrow

      Team Member|Mar, 2014Aug, 2014

      The Yellow Sparrow is a Delhi-based creativity website that conducts interviews, workshops and content curation that "helps you scratch your creative itch"

      • Initialised and Led ‘The Crayon Crusade’, a campaign to conduct drawing sessions in various NGOs with College student volunteers (June-August 2014)
      • Content Writer (April-May 2014)


    • Delhi Technological University (Formerly DCE)

      Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) - Mathematics and Computing|Aug, 2013May, 2017

      Major in Math, Minor in Computer Science. (Yes, that's a degree. Also provided in IITs.) CPI 80.74%. Mom's proud

    • Amity International School, Mayur Vihar

      High School - 1999 - 2013|19992013

      |_1_| Organizer, Alum Meet 2015 & 2016 (with a wonderful team). Also made a website for 2016: |_2_| Mentor, Youth Power Team (Sep 2014 - April 2015) | Clean Hands Campaign was a four month long initiative to spread awareness about Hand Sanitation in Delhi. A glimpse of our activities in school: |_3_| Editor, Student Council (2012-13) |_4_| XII: 93.8% | X: 10 CGPA


    • Project Forrest

      Co-Creator|Dec, 2016Current

      Making learning-resource discovery easier and adding discussion on top of it. Made with Ember + Semantic UI. Work in Progress.

    • MILE - Matlab Interactive Learning Environment

      Developer|Aug, 2015Dec, 2015

      MILE serves as a proof of concept to connect the theory and practical aspects of learning applied math by breaking a subject into bite-sized visual and interactive lessons. It parses YAML based lesson plans to emulate lessons in MATLAB shell. Inspired by Swift for R.

    • Teaching at DMRC Children's Home

      Volunteer|Apr, 2015Jul, 2015

      Assembled a team of 7 volunteers and collectively volunteered to teach math, english and art modules to resident children at Salaam Baalak Trust led DMRC Children's Home. Used Rational Number Project's book Fraction Operations and Initial Decimal Ideas for lesson plans ( Highly Recommended


      • JavaScript
      • VueJS (what performance, much wow)
      • SASS (is love)
      • Webpack
      • Semantic UI ( SUI > Bootstrap 3)
      • EmberJS (first framework I learned)
      • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
      • Git
      • Gulp
      • Bootstrap
      • HTML5
      • BEM
      • PHP (sadly)
      • C