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Vivian Auduong

ME + CS Student @ Stanford

Hi! I'm a mechanical engineering major at Stanford University concurrently pursuing a masters in computer science. I'm passionate about immersive media (AR, VR, XR) and computer graphics. I love math, building things, solving problems, working with people, and am eager to continue building technical skills!


Stanford University

BS Mechanical Engineering, MS Computer Science
Sep, 2018 - Jun, 2023

GPA: 3.88/4.0

Relevant coursework: Programming Abstractions (C++), Intro to MATLAB, VR Application Development (Unity), Computer Organizations and Systems (C/C++), Principles of Computer Systems (C/C++), Modern Algorithmic Toolbox, Intro to Computer Graphics (Blender), Solid Mechanics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Foundations of Product Realization, Silversmithing, Engineering and Sustainable Development, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Multivariable Calculus, Mathematical Foundations of Computing, Probability for Computer Scientists

Projects and Leadership

Team Lead, Chavin de Huantar, Peru Archaeology AR Project

Stanford Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)
Jan, 2020 - Jun, 2020
  • Leading team of 4 engineering students to assess needs of archaeologists at UNESCO heritage site, developing AR android app using Unity to virtually reconstruct destroyed temple and showcase site

Immerse Cohort Co-lead

Stanford XR
Sep, 2019 - Nov, 2019
  • Facilitated and developed 7-week bootcamp for 25 students, introducing topics in immersive media through field trips and workshops in Blender, design thinking, Snapchat, and Unity

Work Experience


Software Engineering Intern, AI Habitat team
Jan, 2021 - Mar, 2021
  • Worked with C++ to improve virtual sensors in graphics simulation platform used to train virtual robots and conduct research in Embodied AI

Swope Design Solutions

Fabrication Engineering Intern
Sep, 2020 - Dec, 2020
  • Engineering intern working on silicone molding, CNC machining, laser cutting, mold design, internal product development, and prototype assembly and testing at engineering consulting firm

Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Research assistant
Sep, 2020 - Current
  • Part-time research assistant working on adapting Bayesian Hilbert Mapping algorithm for 3d implicit surfaces, working with python, Blender, numpy, pytorch


Software Engineering Intern, Portal core technology team
Jun, 2020 - Aug, 2020
  • Worked with Java and Dependency Injection to reduce total apk size across over 40 Portal apps

Stanford University

Volunteer Section Leader, CS106 Code in Place
Apr, 2020 - May, 2020
  • Led weekly problem solving groups in Stanford's experimental online computer science course

Stanford Archaeology Department

Research Intern
Jun, 2019 - Aug, 2019
  • Worked with international researchers in the excavation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chavin de Huantar, developing analytical and interpersonal communication skills and working entirely in Spanish
  • Photogrammetry and technical drawing experience

University of Chicago

Seminar Leader
Jun, 2018 - Jul, 2018
  • Led problem solving groups in mathematics enrichment topics and Java programming for students in grades 7-8 as part of UChicago's Young Scholars Program, which serves a diverse set of students throughout the Chicagoland area


Software Engineering Apprentice
Jun, 2017 - Aug, 2017
  • Worked full-time with AdEngineering Team to program and test Rotation Finder, learning ReactJS, version control, and agile development practices

Technical Awards and Achievements

Stanford Arts Hackathon 2019 2nd place Team

CalHacks 5.0 Hackathon 2018 Blackrock API Sponsor Prize

Techcrunch Disrupt Virtual Hackathon 2018 Runner Up

B~STEM Microsoft Virtual Hackathon 2016 Runner Up Team

Chicago QED Math Symposium 2016 Distinguished Research Award

Raspberry Pi BuildIT Challenge 2015 1st Place in sensors


CS and Software
Experience with Matlab, Blender, Solidworks, Unity, Python, Java, C, C++, CSS, Javascript, HTML, Adobe Premiere for VR film, Adobe Photoshop; with eagerness to keep improving and learning new technologies
English - Native proficiency Cantonese - Native speaking proficiency Mandarin - Professional working proficiency Spanish - Basic working proficiency
Personal Interests
Virtual Reality, Design, Cultural Heritage, Archaeology