Gianni Settino

Software Engineer

Montreal, Quebec

Mobile software developer with a strong focus on product, UI, and UX. I also have experience with frontend web development (Ember.js), have recently been writing code for the Ethereum blockchain (Solidity), as well as dabbling in data analysis using Python and pandas. Originally from Montreal, I spent 3 years in New York City building DRAFT, a fantasy sports contest provider. You can find me on GitHub @giaset and on HackerRank @DCoy54.

Work Experience


    Senior iOS Engineer|Mar, 2015Aug, 2017

    Employee #2 and first engineering hire. Took the app from an MVP to > 200,000 users. Acquired by Paddy Power Betfair ($48 million)

    • iOS app built entirely in Swift from day one (from Swift 1.0 to Swift 3)
    • Also helped build the web app using Ember.js (> 15,000 users)
  • Wherecloud

    Senior Mobile Developer - Mobile Team Lead|Sep, 2014Feb, 2015

    Lead the mobile team at Wherecloud, a development studio in Montreal. In charge of a team of 3 junior iOS devs, each with their own project. On my end, I built v1 of dubdub (, over $5 million raised).

    • Montpellier Hurricanes Football

      Quarterback and Coach|Jan, 2014Jun, 2014

      Played quarterback for a semi-pro football team in the South of France. Also coached their youth teams. Travelled around Europe for 2 months following my season.

      • Wherecloud

        Mobile Software Developer|Apr, 2013Jan, 2014

        Developed iOS and Android apps for a variety of local (Montreal) clients including The Car Guide, Cheaper Vacations, and the National Film Board of Canada.


        • McGill University

          B.Sc. Computer Science - Software Engineering|Sep, 2009Dec, 2012

          Played quarterback for the McGill Redmen Varsity Football team.


        • Blockhawk

          Aug, 2017Current

          Currently building an oracle service for sports scores on the Ethereum blockchain. My smart contracts interface with existing sports APIs to retrieve final scores, make sure there is consensus between them, and then push the validated score to the blockchain for other contracts to access.

        • VI6WS

          Dec, 2014Sep, 2016

          Made an app that allowed you to take photos, decorate them with various Drake-themed watermarks, and then export them to your camera roll or to social media. Got ~40k App Store downloads before getting a cease & desist from Drake's legal team and pulling the app.


          • Objective-C
          • Swift
          • JavaScript
          • Ember.js
          • Node.js
          • Cocoapods
          • Git
          • Solidity
          • Ethereum
          • Blockchain