Mike Douglas

Engineering Manager

I love to cultivate supportive and vibrant teams that build awesome things.

Work Experience

  • InVision

    Engineering Manager|Mar, 2017Current

    Worked on a successful project around rearchitecting the flagship product with a constellation of microservices to better facilitate the "small team, iterate fast" mantra while building a future-focused platform that matches the product's next evolution of team-based collaboration. Coordinated across many product areas with other managers, product people, and leaders to plan and prioritize features and improvements. Pushed the team to follow engineering best practices while also delivering in sprint-length pieces of work and features. Provided opportunities for engineers to lead product initiatives and take ownership of major features and initiatives. Facilitated architecture discussions, process improvements, and team agile rituals.

    • NPR

      Software Development Manager|Sep, 2015Mar, 2017

      Managed the team of software developers working on station facing content management tools in the NPR Digital Services suite of SaaS products. Helped define more clear release processes, QA guidelines, and facilitated projects across teams at NPR. Worked closely with stakeholders to integrate local station content in NPR One and the NPR Content Network. Leveled up the team in modern client-side development with React and ES6 and kickstarted the development of new tools and products to replace legacy systems.

      • InsureMyTrip

        Software Development Manager|Sep, 2015Aug, 2013

        Managed the team of software developers and testers maintaining the namesake eCommerce platform and business partner platforms in the industry. Grew the team into 12 engineers through hiring, training opportunities, team building and skill development. Interfaced with product, agile, and customer care teams to ship new products, platform redesigns, and new partners. Managed a team of data analysts and rolled out a business intelligence tool with smart reporting and analytics used to guide product decisions and understand sale trends. Trained members on SQL, scripting, and coordinated with vendors on rollouts and product training.

        • InsureMyTrip

          Web Application Developer|Dec, 2009Aug, 2013

          Software engineering on the flagship eCommerce platform as well as partner sites and products in the travel insurance industry, while still supporting a legacy platform. Worked closely as an architect on many new initiatives including the development of an early MVC framework, and a framework for defining insurance products and rules using a custom DSL and rule-running engine.

          • IT Consultant

            Freelance|Apr, 2008Feb, 2010

            Various IT gigs in schools and educational settings centered around network administration, server maintenance, and web development.

            • EASTCONN

              Web Application Developer|Jul, 2008Dec, 2009

              Primarily responsible for the development, deployment, and training of data collection and reporting systems for K-12 environments. Built charting and data analysis tools for educators to assess student achievement, surface areas of intervention, and track longitudinal standards-based scores. Also worked as a consultant for school districts in ETL-related tasks for yearly submission of students' standards-based scores to the Department of Education.

              • LEARN

                Manager of Computer Operations and Development|Mar, 2002Jul, 2008

                Worked as a system administrator for the two main offices and three satellite offices (schools), maintaining network equipment, servers, and client deployments. Played an active role in two building projects for magnet schools, building and supporting the network infrastructure which included video distribution, wireless networks, and desktop/laptop deployment of 500+ clients. Built internal web-based tools for tracking issues and time-tracking for consulting work done in school districts.