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Pranav Sharma

Sr. Software Engineer
Bangalore, Karnataka

FullStack, DevOPS | CSE Undergrad '17 | PMC @ Apache Allura

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Work Experience

Cloudera (Hortonworks)

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2018 - Current
  • Working on Service Task level tracing and analysis framework. Scale challenges 200k tasks/run, 500 Runs/24 hours.
  • Streaming Data Pipeline for Heartbeat service. Analytics over Cluster TimeSeries data.
  • Worked on a tool for listing (on frontend), and efficient searching of directories on AWS S3 Buckets. 100k / network call.
  • Worked on RCA(root cause) of failed clusters. Built a Data pipeline, used Scala, Akka, ElasticSearch. Ingesting rate∼108/sec
  • Revamping of Dashboard and a new Analyzing tool for the QE team. Frameworks - ReactJS, Redux.

Medlife (Ecommerce Platform)

Software Developer I

Jun 2017 - Jan 2018
  • Built an Image processing Data pipeline (Kafka, Redis, Celery, Python, Pandas).
  • Worked on Image processing with OpenCV for preprocessing data for Conv Networks.
  • Introduced Jenkins multibranch pipeline automated jobs into dev workflow

Apache Allura (Open Source Contributor)

Project Management Committee

Jan 2018 - Current
  • Being promoted to PMC in Apache Allura for continuous work.
  • Implementing search in blog for projects, using Elasticsearch.



Software Developer Intern
  • Built a Db diff tool (automated staging and diff collector), to compare MySQL dumps in intervals.
  • Worked on high throughput Data pipeline for ingesting data and dumped into MySQL.
  • Developed a name matching algorithm for native names. Used Soundex, Smith-Waterman, and Jaro algorithms.


National Institute of Technology Silchar

(B.Tech) Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

2013 - 2017


  • ACM ICPC Chennai Regionals 2015
  • Promoted in Project Management Committee, Apache Allura.
  • 2 Cloudera Spot Awards for prompt and efficient implementations of product requirements.


Quick Tree

  • This package has a set of Data Structures and Algorithms (For M-nary tree) written in JavaScript developed during internal projects at Cloudera.
  • The NPM package can be used to model an M-Nary tree.
  • The tree can be manipulated, drawn insights from, or can be visualized using 3rd party libraries.
  • The implemented algorithms are tested for efficiency with 30k nodes.


  • A Local Area Network messaging app. Users can communicate over LAN without Internet. The app uses web sockets and UDP ports.
  • Implemented without Open Source libraries, as part of the Computer Network college project.


  • Implementation of running (a stream of characters) KMP matching algorithm.
  • Basic implementation beats native grep.


  • Webapp that suggests users from a catalog of courses available on online platforms.
  • Backend cron scraps the website and updates the storage index.
  • Simple search engine like frontend to accept user queries and display results.


  • Go
  • Python
  • ReactJS
  • Kubernetes
  • Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Math