Eric DeLaRosa Jr

Eric DeLaRosa Jr.
Kentwood, Michigan
I'm 17 turning 18 on September 8th, and i've been working at Culvers since October of 2018. I'm a hard worker and want to strive to improve myself and skills every day.

Work Experience


Team Member

Oct, 2018 - Current

Since i've been working there I have worked on many skills. I had to take out orders to the customers then had to take orders on the register. Also I had to scoop ice cream and make shakes, sundaes, and more things while taking drive thru orders. I also do the set position which puts all the food on the trays and in the bags while helping fellow crew members with their questions.



High School

Sep, 2016 - Current

I've taken many classes and passed, I am graduating in 2019.