Mohammed El Gharawy



University of Alexandria - Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor Computer and Communication Engineering

Sep, 2014 - Current


8 puzzle AI solver

8 puzzle solver in Python 3 using DFS, BFS and ATS algorithms.

Implemented DFS, BFS and ATS Algorithms.

Created an 8 puzzle mini-game used to compare the speeds of the implemented algorithms.

File compressor

File compression in Python 3 using Huffman Algorithm with compression rate up to 65% for text files

implemented a frequency table generator for each file.

Implemented Huffman algorithm.

Multiplayer flappy bird

Simulated TCP on top of UDP connection in a fun multiplayer game in Python 3.

Block Breaker Game

Block breaker game made in unity engine using C# and Gimp to create sprites.


  • Python 3
  • Pattern recognition
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data structure analysis
  • Algorithms
  • C/C++/C#