Gemel Tribble

Gemel Tribble
Portage, Indiana

Seeking a position in an environment that offers a great challenge, increased benefits for my family & the opportunity to help the company advance efficiently and productivity. Self-motivated and dependable while achieving high performance with minimal supervision. Fast-working with years of experience. Dedicated to safe practices and adept at multitasking. Successful at working with teams or alone, prioritizing tasks and following directions.

Work Experience

Manufacturing Solutions International


May, 2019 - Current
  • Replaced damaged, missing or defective parts with new and refurbished components.
  • Supervised general repairs performed by new staff mechanics.
  • Tested newly installed equipment to determine proper functionality and compliance with regulations.
  • Examined new and replacement parts to uncover defects.
  • Performed diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures to find and identify root causes.
  • Assembled machines and mechanics according to instructions.
  • Performed basic electric repairs such as resetting circuit breakers and fitting lighting fixtures.
  • Produced comprehensive service records of all maintenance and repair tasks for customers.
  • Diagnosed electrical malfunctions using oscilloscope.
  • Prepared logs on each repair and maintained customer records for each job.
  • Disassembled defective parts to make proper repairs.
  • Cleaned and maintained proper lubrication for machinery.
  • Inspected and tested equipment to locate worn and damaged parts.
  • Consulted manuals, technical documentation and repair tree charts for further information prior to conducting fixes.
  • Performed scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks on equipment.
  • Worked efficiently and effectively with other mechanics and team members.
  • Built good relationships with co workers.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Performed routine maintenance and repairs using hand and power tools to maximize reliability.

Amazon Shipping Company

Team Leader, QC, Fork Truck Operator, Arial Lift Operator

Apr, 2017 - May, 2018
  • Fostered positive employee relationships through effective communication, training and development coaching.
  • Developed open and professional relationships with team members, enabling improved and more effective issue resolution.
  • Enforced adherence to company policies, answered coworkers' questions and trained new personnel.
  • Provided leadership and direction for employees, supervising activities to drive productivity and efficiency.
  • Offered constructive criticism regarding quality assurance on collections team phone calls.
  • Analyzed employee workloads to meet seasonal fluctuation needs.
  • Integrated process improvements to increase overall workflow.
  • Moved goods between warehouse locations according to shipment and storage needs.
  • Weighed materials and recorded weights on tags, labels and production schedules.
  • Transported material to correct locations and documented inventory changes.
  • Followed duties outlined in daily inbound and outbound schedules.
  • Immediately reported any safety and quality issues to management.
  • Stored and retrieved materials according to the principle of First In, First Out (FIFO).
  • Contributed to profitability by training new employees on safe, efficient use of forklift equipment and through troubleshooting machines to maintain optimal performance and limit overtime cost.

Industry 1 Industrial Cleaning

General labor, Hazmat Field Technician, Equipment Operator

Feb, 2013 - Apr, 2018
  • Verified that machine setups conformed to specs.
  • Aided and assisted in the cleaning of debris in areas affected by hazardous materials.
  • Instructed and trained new hires in proper use of PPE.
  • Responded promptly to emergency spills.
  • Ran continuous air monitoring to insure the safety of all confined space entrants.
  • Completed multiple task from demolition to reconstruction of damaged and or contaminated structures.
  • Arranged and stored materials, machines, tools and equipment.
  • Cleaned all construction areas to avoid hazards.
  • Assumed strategic role in planning, implementing, managing, and controlling all hazards associated with task to be performed.
  • Trained teams on specific operations and requirements for each job site, including applicable procedures and techniques
  • Worked in a wide range of conditions, including in confined areas and at heights.
  • Set up equipment in a safe and secure manner to prevent injury or damage.
  • Performed pre- and post-trip vehicle and equipment inspections to check from maintenance and repair needs.
  • Partook in the structuring, implementation and proper actions of all task specific Pre and Post job safe analysis.

Fedex Shipping

Team Leader, Order Picker, Fork Truck Operator,Scanner

Feb, 2016 - Apr, 2017
  • Unloaded merchandise from delivery trucks.
  • Prepared products for shipping according to company specifications.
  • Ensured that aisles were organized so forklifts could be operated throughout the warehouse.
  • Added key data for each package into the company's computer system.
  • Attended company safety meetings to provide insight on ways that would reduce warehouse accidents.
  • Picked products from designated locations to fulfill customer orders.
  • Operated all warehouse equipment in a safe manner.
  • Used an RF scanner to pick items to their proper bins.
  • Mentored newly hired employees on warehouse safety procedures.
  • Monitored department performance data to identify and avoid potential risks.
  • Forecasted manpower requirements based on daily workload and company targets.
  • Coordinated with freight forwarders to expedite international shipments.
  • Completed routine post and pre-operation inspections of forklifts and other heavy equipment.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of industry best practices and company protocols.


Portage High School


Repairer Preparatory Academy/ Career Institute

Industrial / Environmental Construction and Restoration



  • Proficiency with mechanical and electric tools
  • Deadline driven
  • Lifting up to and over 100 lbs
  • Construction means and methods
  • OSHA Certified
  • Demolition
  • OSHA regulatory compliance
  • Troubleshooting at component level
  • Waste reduction techniques
  • Identifying environmental concerns
  • Waste disposal
  • Electrical system rewiring
  • Systems troubleshooting
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Electronic technology
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training and support
  • Equipment adjustment
  • Equipment inspection and testing
  • Inspections proficiency
  • Diagnostics
  • Codes implementation
  • Preventive and reparation maintenance
  • Defective parts disassembly
  • Repairs knowledge
  • Construction machinery operation
  • First aid trained
  • CPR trained
  • Certified forklift operator
  • Shipping operations
  • Certified Pallet Jack Operator
  • Supply chain and inventory management
  • Manufacturing and warehouse procedures
  • Project permitting
  • Fork Lift Certified
  • Arial Lift Certified
  • Bucket Lift Certified
  • Scissor Lift Certified
  • Confined Space Entrant Certified
  • Confined Space Monitoring Certified
  • Fall Protection Certified
  • LOTTO Certified
  • Environmental First Responder Certified
  • Current OSHA 10
  • Current OSHA 30
  • Current OSHA 40hr Hazwoper
  • Current TWIC card holder