Maurice Leverne Huggins

Human Support Specialist
York, SC
Maurice Leverne Huggins has several years of experience as an assessment provider, human service specialist, and case manager, with much of this time being with the South Carolina Department of Social Services. Throughout this time, Maurice Leverne Huggins has been responsible for engaging with children and their families who may have safety concerns or show signs of neglect or abuse. In this position, Mr. Huggins engages with these families and puts them into contact with treatment providers and community resources that may be of help. As part of his job, he works with law enforcement and legal professionals in cases that may proceed to court. Before working with the Department of Social Services, Mr. Huggins served as a mental health specialist with Community Resource Solutions, where he was responsible for psychosocial rehabilitation services and behavioral modification, among other services. Outside of his professional career, he enjoys traveling, swimming, and a variety of other outdoor activities. He has been engaged with a variety of political events as a volunteer, and regularly gives motivational speeches focused on youth.

Work Experience

SC Dept of Social Services

Case Manager and Human Services Specialist

Apr, 2016 - Current

Community Resource Solutions, LLC

Mental Health Specialist

Aug, 2014 - Jun, 2015


Cargo Specialist

Aug, 1993 - May, 1997


Claflin University


Aug, 2006 - Dec, 2012