Jim Graham

Nashville, Tennessee

Work Experience

RCGroups.com, FlyingGiants.com, HeliFreak.com

Administrator and Sales

2006 - Current

RCGroups.com, FlyingGiants.com, HeliFreak.com


2006 - Current

I run the day to day operations of all of our websites. There is no radio control (RC) web forum that that is bigger or more active than RCGroups.com. I handle all advertising on all the sites, I manage the site staff. I attend and cover large RC events all over the country. I create a monthly RC podcast. I create mass emails that are sent to over 130,000 people and much more!

Academy of Model Aeronautics


2007 - Current

My main goal is to shine a light on the great parts of our hobby.

Hobby Lobby International

Marketing and PR

2001 - 2003

I handled all print and web advertising. I helped bring 3D to Hobby Lobby and helped to expand the foamy market in RC. My first product I brought to the public was the AXI line of outrunner motors. It was exciting to be there in the early days of outrunners and lipos. We had a great team that led to an extended footprint in the RC market and increased revenues. We helped change how RC was sold on the web. Good times! I left to start my own company.

The Harvester Group


2000 - 2001

Mr. Graham, chief executive of Harvester. He used his five years of experience in the web development field and his connections with web sites like MTV.com, VH1.com, and Gurl.com. At this time most online marketing companies were located in Los Angeles and New York, places too distant to appreciate the peculiarities of the Nashville market.

Groovetone Records


1998 - 2000

Groovetone was the first label in Nashville to buy the digital rights to music. With 1.4 million dollars in backing, we amassed the world's largest digital country music catalog. I created relationships with many of the large music sites of the day. Unfortunately, this was before MP3 players were on the market. The investors pulled out a year before the MP3 player craze occurred based on their belief that there was no future in digital music.


Special Effects/Art Director

1990 - 1998

I worked on music videos, commercials and movies during my time in LA. I was an art director, prop master, weapon specialist and handled special effects. I did commercials for Levis, Pioneer Car Stereo, Dominos Pizza and more. Some of my music videos include Madonna (Rain), Neil Young, Motely Crue, Bruce Springsteen, and more. I left LA for Nashville and was able to work with some of my country music heroes. That lead to me running a record label. I love being creative with like-minded people and leading a team.


Baylor University

TV and Film

1985 - 1990