Trevor Atlas

Software Engineer

Washington, DC

Trevor is a Software Engineer, UI Designer, and Technology Enthusiast. His goals revolve around constantly challenge himself to learn new technologies and solutions to problems, while helping to build best practices for himself and others.

Work Experience

  • Aquicore

    Software Engineer|Jan, 2017Current

    Aquicore is a SaaS and IoT company that provides real-time commercial energy management metrics, reporting and automation.

    • Built a text based messaging system with images and @mention capabilities
    • Standardised coding best practices with tools like TSlint and editorconfig
    • Modernized many parts of the web UI to improving accessibility and user experience
    • Built CLI and cloud based tools to empower my team by connecting Github, Jira, and their local development environment
    • Designed many RESTful services including microservices in AWS
  • Knucklepuck Media

    Web Developer|Dec, 2015Dec, 2016

    I was the first developer hired at Knucklepuck, I built many of the back-end systems that are used including a google docs exporter for quickly publishing new pages, WordPress plugins that make developers more efficient and a standardised build system with webpack and gulp for site assets. I also configured much of the server architecture and oversaw maintenance on those systems. LEMP/LAMP, WordPress, Vue.js, Node, Webpack, Gulp, PHP and Javascript

    • Built, maintained and launched one of the largest teenage drug rehab sites on the internet (sadly now defunct)
    • Standardised infrastructure and code quality best practices
    • Performed performance audits for sites like Gap


  • Self Educated

    As a lifelong autodidact, I have always strived to learn and educate myself to the highest degree possible


  • Vor

    Maintainer|Aug, 2018Current

    Vor is a CLI application written in go. It's intention is to ease the process of maintaining feature branches and pull requests that are based on a Jira issue.

  • Codinal

    Developer and content writer|Aug, 2019

    Codinal is a technical blog I started in 2019 as an outlet for some of the things I do at work. I really enjoy writing and sharing what I've learned with others, it's been a really great outlet!

  • Cakes by Jane

    Full Stack Developer|Oct, 2014Nov, 2014

    Cakes by Jane is a gourmet cake shop in Asheville NC. I built this website on the Wordpress platform with Woocommerce. There's a lot of custom animations, with browser support back to IE9.


    • React-Native
    • Typescript
    • Javascript
    • Java
    • Go
    • React
    • AngularJs
    • Git
    • Node
    • HTML
    • CSS/SASS
    • Wordpress
    • PHP