A software engineer with six years of experience crafting delightful experiences and products on the web. I’m passionate about building high-quality software and automation.
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Work Experience


Aug 2021 - Current
Senior Front-end Engineer
  • A member of an exclusive network of the top 3% freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world.
  • Technologies used include React, GraphQL, AWS, and Web3.


Sep 2019 - Aug 2021
Software Engineer
  • Worked on a number of front-end projects as well as the UI/UX engineering for these products.
  • Refactored the existing codebase to reduce technical debts, code smells, and increase overall code quality.
  • Maintained UI components & design systems with Storybook, developed several internal tools used across multiple front-end projects.
  • Implemented analytics tools for tracking production activities. This helped optimize response time in reproducing and fixing production bugs.
  • Developed projects of all sizes, from small static pages, single-page applications, to server-side-rendered web applications with React.js and Next.js.

Feb 2020 - Nov 2020
Front-end Engineer
  • Improved UI/UX, performance, and accessibility of core Simplifyd products.
  • Introduced and maintained an internal UI library used for developing product user interfaces.
  • Oversaw the completion and launch of a customer portal built with React.js, Tailwind. It saw a massive adoption from the company's product user base.
  • Collaborated with UI designers, providing direction on the viability of the proposed designs.
  • Established the coding practices and formatting and linting rules (Prettier, TSLint setup, TypeScript definition examples, and some definitions for third-party packages).

May 2016 - Oct 2018
Full-stack Developer
  • Planned and executed the refactoring iterations to keep code in a good shape for a fast-paced movement. 
  • Delivered single-page applications built with React.js.
  • Developed scalable APIs with Node.js, MongoDB, and Redis on AWS infrastructure.
  • Built pixel-perfect cross-platform responsive websites on almost every project with CSS3, Bootstrap & jQuery.
  • Developed hybrid mobile applications using Ionic (Cordova and Angular).


Web Assembly

Educative, Inc.

2021 - Nov 2021
Learn Rust from Scratch


2020 - 2020
Optimize Performance for React
Bachelor of Science (Honours) - Computer Science


Full-stack: React, Typescript, Rust, Objective C, C++
  • I innovated a launcher that supercharges

    your workflows with shortcut keys.

  • I developed both the macOS and the Windows 10 app.

  • I designed and developed the app’s landing page using Next.js.

  • It won the 2nd (Windows 10 app) and 4th (macOS app) product of the day Award on Product Hunt!

  • Over 2,000+ monthly active users with 100,000+ downloads.

Full-stack: Typescript, WebAssembly, Rust
Front-end: WebGL, Three.js, React
  • I developed a plugin that lets you import, light, and render 3D in Figma! Built with WebGL and Three.js.
  • It has 7,000+ installs at the Figma plugin store.
Front-end: React, Typescript
  • I often incorrectly remember icon names or forget that I had previously added them. Consequently, I designed an extension for my favorite code editor (Visual Studio Code) to help solve the problem.
  • Its features include an SVG sprites viewer, search, copy, appearance controls, and other management functions. 


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Typescript
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • Rust
  • UI
  • UX
  • Agile
  • Unit testing
  • e2e testing
  • CI/CD


Contributor & Maintainer

I have authored, maintained, and contributed to several open-source projects. tauri, react-click-away-listener, node-window-manager, ngx-emoji-picker to name a few, are open-source projects to which I have made contributions.