Benjamin Sales

DevOps/SRE/Full Stack Consultant
Grenoble FR, London UK & Berlin DE

+33 6 30 01 19 66‬
A DevOps consultant specialising in building high-performance, low-complexity, highly scalable & cost-effective platforms. Whilst I specialise in DevOps, I can also work across the full stack including modern front end development. My core skillset is Kubernetes and AWS services and my languages of choice are Golang & Ruby. Recently I'm starting to explore functional programming with languages such as Elixir.

Work Experience


Head of Platform

Sep, 2016 - Current

I initially joined FATMAP as a DevOps consultant to help build the backend services for an upcoming release of a web-based product. Following the success of this project, I joined full-time to lead a newly formed Platform Team to take the product from local ski areas to to a fully-realised global map platform.

  • Built out a new global map platform based on Kubernetes
  • Built a set of high performance map tile services in Golang
  • Acting CTO between July 2018 & April 2019
  • Hiring engineers
  • Building engineering process
  • Responsible for many architectural decisions
  • Worked on Web Application (React/Typescript)
  • Worked on Mobile Application (React Native)


Contract Software Engineer

Nov, 2015 - Feb, 2016

Worked on a 3 month project for the completion and maintenance of the So.Energy customer facing application post-launch. The project consisted of a Rails back end that integrated with multiple 3rd party API's, with a Backbone front end. On completion of the contract the application was fully featured and reliable.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Contract Software Engineer

Jul, 2014 - Mar, 2015

Worked on the back end server for the Little Big Planet Franchise working on the Ruby/C++ application that includes a custom in-memory Key/Value DB and high performance scoreboard functionality. This was my second contract at SCEE and my work consisted of modifying the existing code base to support an upcoming version of the game title, Little Big Planet 3. This role presented many unique (yet fun) challenges due to the interesting nature of the application and the challenges of a high volume, highly available app.

Cahootsy (now defunct)

Contract Software Engineer

Nov, 2013 - Jun, 2014

Sole developer tasked to take the product from conception to MVP. This was a challenging project with tight deadlines, however the launch was a success and continued development was handed over to an offshore team. In October 2015 I worked with Cahootsy again to provide assistance to the offshore development team with improvements to the internal search engine based upon SOLR.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Contract Software Engineer

Mar, 2012 - Sep, 2013

Implementing a restful API that connected data from an online game server to a customer facing website. This was a long project with many complexities due to the custom nature of the backend framework and the high volume of traffic that both the game server and API receive.


Software Engineer

Feb, 2007 - Jun, 2010

Worked with one of the first Ruby On Rails teams in the UK to build the services for both the the B2B and B2C products.

EurotaxGlass (Now Autovista)

Software Developer

Feb, 2003 - Feb, 2006

Worked on maintaining the legacy C++ Windows applications and a following rewrite to modern .NET applications.




Mar, 2016 - Current

Launchomatic is a side project that uses machine learning to ascertain both the type of application and how to best deploy & scale it both for performance and cost. This project went into hiatus when I joined FATMAP, however I still use/develop it for personal projects.


  • Kubernetes
  • AWS Services
  • Golang
  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails
  • Software Architecture
  • Building engineering teams
  • Engineering team process
  • Agile process