Davor Budimir

Product Manager, Front-end developer, Customer Support Director

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fluent in two languages (English and Slovenian) and currently learning Spanish with plans to learn German afterward. Worked as backend and frontend developer, best in class for twelve grades/years in a row with the max sum of grades (5.0), winner of the mobile hackathon, worked 3 years as a freelancer. At startup company Helpjuice, I started working as a part-time Technical Customer Support Manager and one year later I became Customer Support Director. Lastly, I worked as a Product Manager at the same company. Passionate about nice UI and flawless UX, ultimate perfectionist, enjoys collaborative teamwork and new challenges.

Work Experience

  • Helpjuice

    Product Manager|May, 2015Apr, 2016

    As a Product Manager at Helpjuice, I had been responsible for managing Helpjuice related product, global product vision and its place in the market. This was a great fun job with a very broad scope but with great responsibility.

    • Helpjuice

      Front-end Developer|May, 2014Mar, 2016

      As a front-end developer at Helpjuice, I was responsible for creating and editing knowledge bases for the company’s different clients (like Stanford University, US Government, Coastal, Hertz, etc.) and putting them online. I was also in direct connection with clients for their various websites in order to apply customer requests, submit them to the back end and finally to email the request summary confirmation to the company representatives. I was also responsible for improving and developing Helpjuice product. For building customers knowledge bases I've been using Liquid templating language and HTML5/CSS3/JS. As a front-end developer, I designed and built over 200 knowledge bases in 2 years period.

      • Helpjuice

        Customer Support Director|Apr, 2014Mar, 2016

        I worked as a Customer Support Director, previously Technical Customer Service Manager, at Helpjuice. As a Support Director, I was responsible for complete customer satisfaction and leading the support team.

        • Skitz

          Co-Founder & CEO|Sep, 2014Mar, 2015

          Along with D. Hrvic, I co-founded startup Skitz in Mostar with the purpose to revolutionize the hotel booking (reservations) system. Startup Skitz has been honored for its originality by many people in IT.

          • More Screens

            Internship|May, 2014Aug, 2014

            MoreScreens is an established Research & Development company specialized in Multi-Screen Video Delivery solutions and services. Student internship has been organized by INTERA Technology Park and hosted by More Screens, both from Mostar. I led a team of 7 people mentored by More Screens. Our task was to build video upload & sharing website (sort of Youtube) using Symfony2 PHP framework. We had successfully finished the project before the deadline and our mentor was super delighted with our organization and finished product.

            • Bilijar.info

              Founder|Mar, 2012Apr, 2014

              I had coded and built Bilijar.info news portal in early 2012 to spread the popularity of pool and snooker in Croatia, B​osnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Bilijar.info was news and information media website. It was specialized in two sports, pool and snooker. On the website, you were able to find all latest news about these two sports, but also many other contents like quizzes, forum, statistics, player profiles and so on.

              • Writing and editing content, conducting online marketing initiatives, market research analysis & website development and optimization for clients
              • Developing and/or modifying plugins: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, php
            • ZK Office

              PC Servicer|Jul, 2007Sep, 2007

              ZK Office is a company founded 1995. in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They're Canon official authorized partner and they're offering servicing for products like fax machines, printers, digital cameras and many other. When I got the job in ZK Office I worked there for just 3 months because I was still a high school student and in that 3 months period, it was a summer vacation so I wanted to get some work experience. My job included servicing personal computers, PC software and repairing copy & fax machines.


              • Full Stack Web Development Certification

                Computer Software Engineering|20152016

              • Cisco Certified Network Associate

                CCNA Routing and Switching|20122013

                Sum of all grades - 94.75% CCNA Exploration covered following topics: - Network Fundamentals - Routing Protocols and Concepts - LAN Switching and Wireless - Accessing the WAN

              • Faculty of Information Technology Mostar

                Bachelor of Information Technology - Computer Software Engineering|2008Current

                Paused studies from 2011 until 2015. Active student from 2008 - 2011, 2015 - onwards.

              • School of Electrical Engineering Rudjer Boskovic

                Computer technician|20042008

                Sum of all grades - 5.0


              • PHP Video Manager

                Team leader / Developer|Jun, 2014Aug, 2014

                INTERA Technology Park, as part of the Partnership for Innovation (PI), funded by USAID, through the program "My practice" (originally: Moja praksa) provides young IT engineers and those engaged in IT technologies, practical training for a period of three months by working on real projects mentored by local IT companies. There were around 50 students on this project separated in 7 groups mentored by 7 IT companies. I was chosen as a team leader of group 7 - mentored by More Screens, an IT company from Mostar. Our task was to build video upload & sharing website (something like youtube) using Symfony2 PHP framework. We have successfully finished the project before the dead line and our mentor was super delighted with team organization and project itself. My duties as a team leader included the following: - Requirements gathering and analysis - Managing SCRUM on daily and weekly basics - Assign tasks to other students - Morning meeting - Participate in technical support - Motivating a team - Communication with mentor and More Screens company

              • Bilijar.info

                Owner / Author / Developer|Mar, 2012Apr, 2014

                In year 2012 I started my first major project. I built a news portal for two sports, pool and snooker. Whole project was designed and built by me, using Joomla! open source CMS and T3 framework. Website had 4 reporters and two correspondents. My responsibilities included: - Building the website from scratch - Site maintenance - Improving website - Website promotion - Leading team of reporters - Reviewing and publishing articles - Community manager on social network sites - Communication with tournament directors as well as pool & snooker association managers


                • HTML5
                • CSS3
                • JavaScript
                • jQuery
                • GIT
                • Liquid
                • Project management
                • Team leadership
                • Community management
                • Web applications
                • MeteorJS
                • ReactJS