Dragos Mihai

Software Consultant | Entrepreneur

Bucharest, Romania

As a ex-CTO of a mobile startup and having built many software products, I am very capable of creating top quality software and increase the business value through technology. I got involved into challenging technical situations and built apps for various industries (AI, hospitality, B2B cloud services, telecom, automotive etc.) which made me very effective in finding solutions. My way of working with other developers, as confirmed by the teams I've build and worked with gives me an edge on my competition. Through my understanding of the best software building practices built with passion over the years, combined with my entrepreneurial nature and business focus, I am suitable to lead the development of any app.

Work Experience

  • Oakbits SRL

    Founder | Software Consultant|Oct, 2018Current

    I've built Oakbits because of my desire to help other companies and startups achieve their goals through technology and build their products in a qualitative way, by taking the best technical decisions and having a reliable partner throughout the entire lifetime of their products. Together with my carefully chosen team, we're working with great startups which achieve remarcable success into their industries.

    • Software stack: NodeJS, Angular, React, Typescript, AWS, MongoDB, Dynamo, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Python etc.
  • Gun.io

    Freelance Developer|Mar, 2019Current

    I am a vetted developer on the Gun.io platform.

    • CodementorX

      Freelance Developer|Nov, 2017Current

      I am a vetted developer on the Codementor and CodementorX platforms.

      • Independent IT Consultant|Nov, 2016Oct, 2018

        I was focused on using my acquired experience as an ex-CTO to help other startups build their products sustainably and launch them. My work involved not only the technical know-how and the coding work, but also helping the clients make the best decisions in regards to the technologies used and the resource management (budget, time).

        • Aznog Technologies Ltd

          Co-founder and CTO|Apr, 2014Mar, 2017

          I've been in charge of development for Aznog, a VoIP/communications app which I co-founded. I started as individual developer and built the Android client and backend APIs from scratch. After more than 1 year, I increased the team to 4 people and worked with my team to improve the product and build new features.

          • Stack used: Android Development, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Javascript , Linux, Apache
        • eZuce, Inc.

          Software Developer

          I worked on a B2B unified communications solution. There, I had to rewrite a module of the core product in C++ responsible for notifying the availability (available / busy) of the users inside a company using IP phones/softphones. I independently created a tool to stress test this module with very high load which gave us important feedback at that time.

          • Skills used: C++, VoIP, SIP
        • 1&1 Internet, AG

          Software Developer

          I worked on a company product offering telecom services to customers in Germany. There I took responsibility for a new project whose purpose was to capture, store and query all the call data from our servers. I participated in related open-source projects. I implemented features which impacted 5 millions of users of our telecom service. One of my most complex features was saving call data real time inside a MySQL database, so I had to optimize the process in multiple ways (temporary memory tables, optimizing indexes, MySQL events and triggers, sharding, storage engine optimization).

          • Skills used: C, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Bash


        • Politehnica University of Bucharest

          B.S. - Computer Science|20082012

        • Politehnica University of Bucharest

          M.S. - IT Management|20122014


        • CarLabs

          Full-Stack Software Engineer|Mar, 2019Current

          Working on a projects dedicated to conversational bots for the biggest car manufacturers.

        • INNAAS Platforms

          Front-End Software Engineer|Jan, 2018Current

          I've built three web platforms for configuring and using AI bots and advisors. Clients of the platform include big European banks and an important pharmaceutical company and are planning to help any user to access data in the easiest way possible. Client has been accepted into the YCombinator 2019 batch with this product.

        • RunLive

          Software Engineer|Nov, 2018Current

          RunLive is an VC-backed app dedicated to running enthusiasts who want to compete with each other in real time. I am in charge or rewriting the backend with a better architecture, scalability and more features, so it's more prepared for the future. I've used NodeJS, Typescript, AWS Cognito, AWS Appsync, GraphQL, Elastic Beanstalk.

        • Feather - an app to make maintenance simple and fun

          Software Engineer|Jun, 2018Current

          I am building an B2B cloud service which allows brands to create tickets (work orders) for different service providers when a technician is needed to fix an issue. I am using Angular and AWS services (Appsync, Cognito, Dynamo, Lambda etc.).

        • MWater

          Database Developer|Sep, 2018Current

          I've been in charge of migrating a complex database which used an old technology (Sybase SQL) to MariaDB. I've also done research projects to figure out the feasibility or migrating some databases in the cloud or to a different DB engine and studied the performance impact.

        • Flysoft Systems

          Full-Stack Mobile Developer|Apr, 2018Sep, 2018

          I have built a point-of-sale mobile app for restaurant businesses using React Native and NodeJS. The app allows waiters to create orders for tables, update them, add extra items, browse the menu, search items, pay using different payment methods etc. The managers can review invoices, view and edit items and categories, visualize reports, add users and roles, create tables etc.

        • UnitPal - Hotel management web application

          Partner Developer|Apr, 2017Current

          I've build multiple backend and frontend features for the UnitPal app, based on the needs of the hotel managers which use our app. Features I've built include: extending bookings/metrics/housekeeping reports with new details, added useful UI components (modals, date-pickers, various new elements to pages), created patches to modify and extend existing production data without disabling the service, added new information on invoices, extended API's to support new operations, Booking.com integration features and many more. Technologies used: Typescript (frontend and backend), Angular, SailsJS, MongoDB.

        • Velimo Bus App

          Software Engineer|Nov, 2017Current

          I have worked on extending the functionality of the Velimo Bus App. I have worked both with Android Native as well with React Native. I have rewritten a big part of the app in RN for a white-label version for a new client. Also, I have implemented several important native features like captive portal in-app handling, scan and connect automatically to bus wifi, keep the connection on when there is no Internet etc.

        • Haru App - Do what you love with people who share your passion

          Software Engineer|Apr, 2017Current

          I've build an MVP for Haru - a web app designed to bring together people interested in doing the same activities. The app allows creating and managing groups of friends, choosing favorite activities, creating events and distributing them to the chosen groups of friends, visualizing and replying to invites, sending emails to invited users, visiting users' profile pages, registration and login using email or phone number etc. Technologies used: Typescript, Angular, SailsJS, MySQL

        • Decadoo Gifts Suggestions App

          IT Consultant|Nov, 2016Feb, 2017

          Decadoo is a website which offers personalized gifts suggestions (based on gender, relationship, age, personality etc.), by filling up a questionnaire. I have improved the already existing app, add a feedback page, build an API for creating emails with custom gifts suggestions and deploy the service to a new hosting provider.


          • Angular
          • HTML/CSS
          • Android
          • React Native
          • MySQL
          • Typescript
          • Javascript
          • Bootstrap
          • MongoDB
          • Java
          • Linux
          • SailsJS
          • AWS
          • React
          • DynamoDB
          • Dialogflow
          • GraphQL