Fang Dev

Software Engineer
Monterey Park, California
Expertise in JavaScript, TypeScript, and React, driven by a passion for AI-assisted software development and UX/UI design. Experienced in building rich browser-based applications grounded in design logic and frontend infrastructure.


Software Engineer


Jun 2022 - Current
  • Spearheaded frontend development of AI-assisted software, powered by OpenAI’s LLMs GPT-4/3.5 via API with LangChain+Pinecone, resulting in increased efficiency and user satisfaction
  • Implemented continuous integration and build tooling for frontend DevOps, reducing errors and enhancing reliability
  • Collaborated with designers to create seamless user experiences, incorporating rich browser-based applications

Software Engineer

Feb 2022 - May 2022
  • Launched freemium model, transitioning from a purely free platform, emphasizing UX, robust backend functionalities, and built a state-of-the-art payments integration. Full case study here
  • Designed and prototyped user interfaces using Figma, focusing on - exceptional user experience and aesthetics
  • Improved customer satisfaction by 30% and increased product adoption by 8% through user-centered designs for a product serving 30,000+ users
  • Developed a reusable frontend library to enhance team efficiency and adherence to best practices, reducing project timelines by over 2 months

Software Engineer

Dec 2019 - Jan 2022
  • Developed responsive applications using React, JavaScript, and TypeScript, collaborating with back-end developers for seamless integration
  • Actively contributed to brainstorming sessions and optimized product development by challenging assumptions and offering innovative solutions
  • Enhanced user experience in a key project, leading to a 25% increase in user engagement and a positive impact on users



Mar 2021 - Oct 2023
  • Developed a renderless component library using Tailwind, streamlining the development process and enabling faster product development
  • Improved user experience at by implementing best practices for accessibility, performance, and maintainability

Skills & Interests

JavaScript (ES6, TypeScript), HTML/CSS
React, Redux, Next.js, Gatsby, Tailwind CSS, Svelte, SvelteKit
UX/UI Design, AI-assisted Software Development, Emerging Tech
VSCode, Fish Shell, Sublime Text, GitHub Copilot/CLI, GPT-4, Midjourney


  • Shift Nudge (2023 - Current)
  • Formation (2022 - Current)
  • Learn UX Design (2022)
  • Learn UI Design (2021)