Chinecherem Promise Harry

Frontend Engineer
Lagos, Nigeria
Frontend Developer with proficient experience with frontend technologies. Committed to crafting user-centric digital experiences. Adept in delivering quality code in a test-driven environment and collaborating efficiently in cross-functional teams.

Work Experience


Frontend Developer

Jul 2022 - Current

Spearheaded the development of the company’s public-facing website with Next.js and Typescript, implementing optimizations that led to a remarkable 40% surge in user visitation. Promoting product awareness and contributing to a 25% increase in user inquiries.

Collaborated with backend developers and designers to integrate frontend components with backend APIs, ensuring smooth data exchange and data integrity. Achieved a significant 70% acceleration in website speed, enhancing user experience and content delivery.

Enhanced workflow efficiency by 30% through comprehensive CI/CD pipeline integration, pull requests, code reviews, and unit testing. Conducted active maintenance using Gitlab CI/CD and automated pipelines, resulting in a streamlined development process

Vattn AB

Frontend Developer

Jan 2022 - Jun 2022

Engineered and contributed to developing intuitive interfaces for property owners to manage their private wells seamlessly using ES6, React.js, HTML, and CSS.

Collaborated with stakeholders to gather requirements and conducted user research to inform UI/UX decisions, resulting in a 15% increase in user satisfaction ratings.

Collaborated closely with backend developers, IoT specialists, and designers, ensuring a cohesive integration within the overall software ecosystem.

Integrated analytics tools to track user behavior and performance metrics, enabling data-driven decisions to improve user experience and conversion rates.


Software Engineer

Jan 2021 - Jun 2021

Mastered web development and maintenance, showcasing expertise in HTML, CSS, React.js, JavaScript, Typescript, Node.js, and DevOps. Achieved a 30% increase in project delivery efficiency while maintaining adherence to industry standards.

Collaborated with peers to troubleshoot and resolve critical technical issues, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement. Contributed to a 20% reduction in issue resolution time, enhancing overall team efficiency.

Attained AWS proficiency through hands-on training, practical projects, and an Integrify scholarship. Graduated with an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate, leading to a 25% increase in success rates for cloud-based projects.


University West

Master of Science in IT and Management in Informatics

Sep 2019 - Aug 2021

Eastern Mediterranean University

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Sep 2014 - Jun 2018


Programming Languages
JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3 , Node.js, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Libraries & Frameworks
React.js, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Redux, Bootstrap, React native, Jest
Tools & Platforms
Git, GitHub, Netlify, Vercel, Heroku, AWS, Webpack, Babel, Vite, Figma, Jira, Postman, WordPress

Certification & License

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


ERP Solution for a K-12 Institution

Frontend developer

Built a solution that streamlines administrative processes and integrates student management, academics, and finance into a unified system by using Next.js, and Typescript, Redux, Restful APIs.

Payroll management solution

Frontend developer

Built payroll management system for businesses and their workforce through its intuitive cloud-based service by using ReactJS, JavaScript, Redux, and Restful APIs