Graham Barber

DevOps Engineer at Oregon State University CASS-SDG

Corvallis, Oregon

Web and game developer with a passion for project management, development tooling, and process optimization. Dedicated to producing high-quality work and improving developer workflows.

Work Experience

  • Center for Applied Systems and Software

    DevOps Engineer|Jun, 2018Current

    Responsibilities include designing and implementing workflows that streamline the development process, providing technical support to developers, and monitoring infrastructure resources.

    • Researched and proposed the use of modern technologies like Elasticsearch, React, and Helm.
    • Assisting other developers with web development efforts using Webpack, React, TypeScript, and Styled Components
    • Designed and implemented a continuous deployment workflow utilizing Circle CI, Kubernetes, and Helm charts
    • Designed a continuous integration workflow involving unit tests, automated versioning, and a structured code review process
    • Developed a set of code review standards for Github Pull Requests
  • dotmap LLC

    Founder|Mar, 2017Current

    Developing a company dedicated to helping project managers improve their processes through software-as-a-service offerings.

    • Participating in the OSU-sponsored accelerator program, InnovationX Launch Academy
    • Placed as a semi-finalist on the Corvallis RAIN Accelerator-led Next Great Startup pitch competition
    • Placed as a finalist for the 2018 Pitch Oregon event, hosted by TiE Oregon
  • Center for Applied Systems and Software

    Software Analyst|May, 2017Jun, 2018

    Responsibilities included collecting and documenting software specifications from clients in addition to ensuring implementation, quality, and functionality of said specifications throughout project development.

    • Collaborated with clients to write and maintain software requirements.
    • Wrote and performed manual test cases to ensure functionality of requirements after they have been implemented.
    • Wrote and filed bug reports from failing test cases and unexpected software issues for developers to review.
    • Cooperated with Oregon Department of Transportation analysts to maintain high standards of quality.
    • Awarded the Community Builder award for bridging the gap between developers and business-focused employees


  • Oregon State University

    Bachelor of Science (BS) - Management|Sep, 2016Current

    Currently a member of InnovationX, an OSU College of Business program focused on helping student entrepreneurs develop essential skills and further their ventures. Additionally, web master of the OSU App Club, OSU Entrepreneurship Club, and the OSU Hackathon Club.


  • Round

    Developer and Designer|Nov, 2018Current

    Building an ephemeral tool that makes it easy to get fast and inclusive team estimates for work items. Front-end built with React, React Spring, Emotion, and Rebass, back-end built with Elixir and Phoenix Framework.


    Developer and Designer|Aug, 2018Aug, 2018

    Placed 111th in Humor and 117th in Theme in the Ludum Dare 42 Jam event. Designed and implemented the game using Godot Engine within 72 hours, working with a remote team member in a different time zone.

  • OSU First-Year Project: TURN

    Manager|Jan, 2017Jun, 2017

    Managed a group of six other students in a school project that involved both planning and running a small business. Brought in over $1000 in profit within 3 months by selling 3D-printed fidget spinners.

  • Empyrean

    Writer/Designer/Project Manager|Oct, 2015Apr, 2016

    Collaborated with peers to develop a video game submission to the Oregon Game Project Challenge, a multi-school competition that lasts several months. Received both the Art and Assets Award, in addition to the People's Choice (popular vote) Award.


    • JavaScript
    • Continuous Integration
    • Node.js
    • React
    • Project Management
    • Webpack
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Manual Software Testing
    • C#
    • Unity
    • Linux
    • Agile Development
    • End-to-End Software Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Travis CI
    • Circle CI
    • Kubernetes
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Continuous Deployment
    • Leadership
    • Software requirements
    • Public speaking
    • Git
    • Elixir
    • Documentation
    • Process improvement
    • Jira
    • Serverless architecture
    • Developer experience design
    • Godot Engine