Hai Luong

Committed to deliver good products.


A 21-year-old passionate, responsible, quality-driven professional. I have been into programming since 10 years old and still continue this passion. Skills: Javascript | React.js | React Native | Django | Python | Express.js | Docker | Kubernetes | Scikit-learn

Work Experience

  • react-navigation

    Collaborator|Apr, 2019Current

    react-navigation is the most widely-used navigation library used in a React Native application. I am responsible for maintaining the documentation of the library.

    • Bankify Ltd

      Front-end Technical Lead|Nov, 2017Current

      We at Bankify are committed to bring Finance fun to everyone.

      • Leading a front-end team of 3 developers
      • Designed application architecture (React.js/ React Native technologies)

      Front-end developer|Feb, 2017Feb, 2018

      - Key member in Mobile Application Development (in React Native)

      • Wibe Academy

        Mobile Developer|20172017

        - I used ReactJS and React Native to develop an internal project for the company.

        • Tampere University of Technology

          Researcher Assistant Trainee|Feb, 2017Jul, 2017

          Developed a class for banded matrices in C++. We have also implemented the arnoldi scheme, and a Krylov-subspace method of the matrix exponential, which allows fast approximate matrix exponential. The matrix storage scheme is BLAS/LAPACK compatible.


          • Tampere University of Technology

            Bachelor’s Degree - Information and Communication Technology|Aug, 2016Current


          • Robot Surface Detection

            Member|Jan, 2019Mar, 2019

            This is a university competition which utilizes​ machine learning to detect the surface whose properties were recorded by a robot. We got the accuracy to be 73% and got the top 20 of all the teams.

          • Social Network in Django

            Project Leader|Oct, 2018Dec, 2018

            This is a university project where teams have to develop a social network in the Django web framework. Out of 7 bonus features, our team managed to deliver 5 of them and in a significant short duration.

          • The Ethereum Blockchain - Use cases for social finance application

            Thesis Author|Sep, 2018Current

            This is my bachelor thesis about Blockchain, writing a smart contract to evaluate the use cases for social finance applications. The thesis is waiting for the supervisor's approval.


            • Javascript
            • React Native
            • React.js
            • Mobile Development
            • Node.js
            • Docker
            • Prototyping
            • Typescript
            • Kubernetes
            • Scipy
            • scikit-learn
            • tensorflow