Hans Martin

Software Engineer
Seattle, Washington



(509) 969-1323


Mazama Science

Software Engineer

Jan, 2019 - Current
  • Performed as lead engineer for our data science platform developing data-driven solutions for teams of researchers, engineers, scientists, and business partners across the country.
  • Built and scaled in-production mission-critical software ecosystems of time series and spatial data tools for regulatory decision-makers in regions with 17+ million residents.
  • Automated and containerized our internal DevOps procedures for building, testing, and releasing software in a continuous delivery environment.
  • Collaborated with research teams to recognize and develop crucial infrastructure, optimizations, libraries, visualizations, and data processing tools for high-dimensional spatial modeling.
  • Developed key internal and external databases, APIs, and ETL pipelines for user-end software tools, reporting systems, dashboards, and web applications.
  • Authored, maintained, and contributed to high-quality open source projects that enable data scientists, engineers, and analysts to optimize their data work flow and output.

Advanced Propulsion Laboratory

Undergraduate Researcher

Jan, 2016 - Dec, 2018
  • Created an open-source and reproducible scientific software toolkit for high-energy plasma data research.
  • Developed software in conjunction with hardware for experimental data acquisition.
  • Lead a team to develop and document best-practices for scientific software and hardware design.


University of Washington

• B.S. Physics • Mathematics Minor | College of Earth and Space Sciences

Jan, 2014 - Dec, 2018


  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • R
  • C/C++
  • SQL
  • Go


  • Web (React, Shiny, Node)
  • APIs (Express, beakr)
  • Visualization (D3, ggplot, Plotly)
  • Version Control (Git, GitHub)
  • Science/Math (Research, Statistics)
  • Data (pandas, tidyverse)
  • Machine Learning (Torch, Caret)
  • Databases (PostgreSQL, MongoDB)
  • Cloud (Azure)
  • CI/CD (Travis CI)
  • Containers (Linux/Unix, Docker)


  • AirSensor | A suite of end-to-end air-quality tools for California's South Coast AQMD
  • tiotemp | An interactive library for spatial and temporal visualization
  • beakr | A general purpose web development framework designed for data scientists
  • MazamaRollUtils | A library of high-performance data processing tools
  • AirFire Research | A collection of software for USDA wildfire and smoke modeling systems
  • MazamaSatelliteUtils | A library to provide functionality for processing satellite data
  • MazamaTimeSeries | A universal library for high-efficiency time series data manipulation
  • Multi-diagnostic Plasma Toolkit | A GUI and library for high-energy plasma research


  • Presenter - AGU, 2019 | On Data Exploration, Communication, and Visualization for Low-cost Sensor Networks
  • Co-author - AGU, 2019 | A New open-source library for PurpleAir Sensor Data
  • Characterization of a Cluster of High-Power Helicon Thrusters, 2017 | doi:10.2514/6.2017-4628
  • An Active Debris Removal Mission using a Plasma Phased Array Architecture, 2018 | doi:10.2514/6.2018-5242
  • NASA Washington Space Consortium, 2018 | Award: For R&D of software and hardware related to plasma data acquisition and processing methods.