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David Faivre

Software Engineer
Oklahoma City, OK
+1 815-761-7952
Full stack engineer in highly autonomous architecture and implementation roles focused on distributed, scalable, stateless, queue driven data processing with supporting front end SPAs and HTTP APIs.

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Premier Crop Systems - Farm Information Management

2016 - Current
  • Backend processing upgrade - Queue and pub/sub communication pipeline; internal workflow SDK; scalable on cloud resources
  • Continuous integration and delivery - Automated unit testing on PR requests; build and deploy scripts for both client app and back end services; dev/test/prod environments; GitFlow based repository branching strategy
  • Architect full stack web app - Angular single page app; routing; web components; remote module loading; reactive state management; HTTP API backend
  • Python/Docker machine learning prototype - Pandas/SciKit Learn/XGBoost; Docker based deploy to cloud VMs; bash script for auto resource allocation and cleanup

Software Engineer

  • Automated image processing pipeline - Queue driven; dynamically scalable on cloud resources
  • Asset planning and logistics full stack applications - AngularJS; Browserify bundling + Gulp JS build system; component architecture; HTTP API backend; cloud PAAS hosted; SQL database and ORM

Software Engineer

  • Single page client app (Knockout and Browserify), HTTP API backend; SQL database with ORM
  • iOS sync service, client and backend

Founder / Software Engineer

IntelliCrop - Weather and Soil Spatial Analytics

2010 - 2012
  • Scalable, cloud based daily processing of weather data dumps and corresponding models; web app with HTTP API backend; continuous integration and automated deployment
  • Postgres / Open Street Maps custom map rendering

Software Engineer

John Deere

2006 - 2009

Mathematics Teacher

Peace Corps

2003 - 2005


BS, Computer Science

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

1999 - 2003