Julien Bourdeau

Senior Software Engineer
Nantes, France
10 years of working experience in Software Engineering. I want to continue to work on distributed systems and Rails. Ideally, I want to work closely with customers.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer


2017 - Current

Log Processing / Usage metering (Go/k8s/GCP) - 2022 - current

  • Ingesting and processing TB of logs per day to compute time series for billing purposes using Go.
  • Reduced a pipeline processing time from 8min to 15sec, by migrating to BigQuery.
  • Fully documented the existing system and detailed our plans to onboard new members.
  • Lead a significant outage: resolution, post-mortem, backfilling, communication.


Dashboard & Billing (Ruby on Rails & React) - 2019 - 2022 - promoted to “Senior”

  • Shipped full stack features from the backend to the frontend.
  • Implemented new pricing strategy (invoicing, frontend, Stripe).
  • Upgraded from Rails 4.2 to 5.2.
  • Managed auth-related features (oauth, SAML, JWT, api keys)


Integrations (open source SDKs) - 2017 - 2019

  • Maintained various Integration and SDKs: Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Magento, Laravel, Symfony, Python.
  • Redesigned PHP SDK, which became the base of all 7 clients new version.
  • Reduced support requests to (almost) zero by rewriting WordPress docs.
  • Answered over 1200 customer support requests over the years.

Full Stack Software Engineer

2014 - 2017
  • Maintained the open source software PrestaShop with a team of 10 to 15 people.
  • Refactored all controllers and templates to create a starter theme (v1.7).
  • Bootstrapped a SAAS hosted version of PrestaShop (200K+ stores created).
  • Lead organisational changes: workflows, new branching system and new release process.


The Box Makers

2012 - 2013

Built e-commerce tool for artisanal shops: order online from your local fresh food (cheese, meat, veggies…) stores and get delivered or pickup.


English: Fluent - French: Native
Languages and Frameworks
Go, Kubernetes, Ruby on Rails, TypeScript, Laravel (PHP), React, Vue.js
Git, RFC, BigTable, BigQuery, Redis, Google Cloud, CircleCI, Terraform, DataDog


Master of Science

City University of Hong Kong

Major in Multimedia Technologies. Done as “double diploma”.

2011 - 2012

Master of Science


Major in IT (BAC+5 - CTI approved engineering degree)

2006 - 2011