Kimeshan Naidoo

Chief Technology Officer, Unibuddy

London, United Kingdom

Software architecture, scalable SaaS cloud applications, full stack software development and GraphQL engineer. Agile, TDD/BDD and Scrum practitioner.

Work Experience

  • Unibuddy

    CTO & Co-Founder|May, 2016Current

    Unibuddy changes the way universities attract, inform and recruit students by placing peer interactions and instant messaging at the core of its solutions. By embedding our tools into their websites, universities allow prospective applicants to chat with their student ambassadors and join group discussions in a matter of seconds.

    • Modelled the database, designed the architecture and developed the feature-rich, original marketplace of the Unibuddy platform complete with online chat, notifications, payments, freemium subscriptions, analytics, etc.
    • Architected the company's first full continuous deployment system on CircleCI. Wrote a blog tutorial describing how it was developed which was officially tweeted and shared by the CircleCI team.
    • Developed the strategy and managed the development team to execute replacing Meteor data pub/subs with Apollo/GraphQL
    • Lead and enforced strict architectural design pattern thinking and standards
  • Matchflow

    COO & Co-Founder|Mar, 2015May, 2016

    Designed and implemented a sports video analysis web application with AngularJS, Node.js (with Express framework) and MongoDB technologies.

    • Successfully designed and implemented a video compression algorithm to convert and compress user uploaded videos to browser compatible standards (H.264 codec) at optimal resolution.
    • Result: Working alpha software for Matchflow Ltd, prototype compression algorithm open-sourced (, forked nearly 20 times with 80+ stars.
  • StudentView

    CTO & Co-Founder|May, 2013May, 2016

    3000 active users per month.

    • Developed the platform in two weeks, enables students to read and write reviews about universities in South Africa.
    • Review system built from scratch, back-end in PHP and SQL. Front-end in HTML 5, CSS and jQuery (JavaScript library)
  • Schlumberger

    Engineer|Feb, 2013Aug, 2015

    Designed and programmed batch scripts software (.bat files) to automate file transfers of seismic acquistion data for seismic exploration projects in Trinidad, the Netherlands, Norway and United Arab Emirates. Coded Visual Basic macros in Excel. Certified Network Administrator and Site Security Officer (network security).


    • University College London

      MSc Computer Science|Sep, 2015Sep, 2016


    • University of Cape Town

      BSc Electrical Engineering|Jan, 2009Dec, 2012

      Honours and Dean's Merit List.


    • UCL International School App

      Lead Software Engineer|Nov, 2015Feb, 2016

      Headed the development team of UCL's International Summer School mobile app. Stack: Ionic, Angular, Cordova, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway. Built for Android and iOS.

    • Gleat

      Lead Software Engineer|Aug, 2015Nov, 2015

      Designed a bespoke meal recommendation engine. Built a fully functional peer to peer home dining cross-platform mobile application called GLEAT. Technologies: MeteorJS, Cordova, Ionic CSS. Published on Google Play/Apple iOS stores.

    • JSON Lexer & Parser

      Nov, 2015Dec, 2015

      A JSON lexer and parser written in JFLEX and CUP. Built according to the official ECMA-404 The JSON Data Interchange Standard (see This JSON parser will accept an input, and then check if this input is a valid JSON object according to the official JSON specification at It consists of two files which contain all the logic involved in identifying tokens (Scanner.jflex) and checking that these tokens are structured in the correct JSON format (Parser.cup).

    • Mixpanel Puller

      Jan, 2015Feb, 2015

      - Scripts currently used in production daily for Africa's largest job search website, running on AWS EC2 instance. - Developed production ready Python scripts that pull data from Mixpanel (similar to Google Analytics) using the Mixpanel API. Pulled data is then inserted into a PostgreSQL schema. - Script setup to pull 100 000+ events daily and inserts more than 2 000 000 rows into PostgreSQL. Code optimized to complete in less than thirty minutes running on an AWS cloud server. - Open sourced the core logic and tooling (, over 100+ stars and multiple forks.


      • Software Architecture
      • Software Engineering
      • Javascript
      • NoSQL Databases
      • React
      • Python
      • Design Patterns