Kevin Kim

Kevin Kim

Toronto, ON

I am a fourth-year Ryerson University student studying business management (BM) majoring in both economics and Marketing. I am interested in growing my professional career within my studies, in addition, to enhance my skills in software development. I have a passion for startups, software development, full stack web & API development, programming languages and systems design. I have a passion for learning and am eager to build innovative, compelling applications with cutting edge technologies.

Work Experience

  • A-Z Carts

    Developer & Founder|Sep, 2017Current

    A-Z Cart is a new way to take upon your grocery shopping experience. We are innovating the shopping experience by creating a self-checkout shopping cart that uses machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. This concept was created to revolutionize the way individuals shop for their grovceries and to create an end on constant lineups.

    • Ryerson University

      Orientation Leader / Event Planner|Aug, 2017Aug, 2018

      Responsible for planning daily operations for the entire orientation week. Awarded the #RoadToRyerson award, which is given to one student who shows tremendous dedication, honesty, helpfulness and overall great role-model.

      • Deloitte Canada

        Digital Marketing |May, 2017Aug, 2017

        The team I was apart of was taken used campaign development, management, and optimization across paid digital media. In addition, media planning and buying in programmatic display paid social and paid search were used. To all of the campaign development, there were on-going reporting on campaign performance. To enhance our performance optimization, we had on-going campaign optimization and A/B testing. All of our search engine optimization were technical and on-page. Google Analytics, campaign tracking, and tagging were used for web analytics.

        • Unilever

          Marketing / Creative Assistant|Mar, 2016Sep, 2016

          Responsible for coming ends with business agreements with investors for future funding. In addition, generated a marketing plan to approach different businesses to one of a kind loyalty program. Also, conducted research to gain additional information about the company and its competitors.


            • Ryerson University

              Bachelors of Commerce - Economics and Marketing |Sep, 2015Current

              I am currently studying a double major within the Ted Rogers School of Mangement. The two majors that I am taking upon is Economics and Marketing. Within these two majors, I have grasped the fundamentals of Managerial Finance, Mathematical Economics, Business Statistics, Organizational Mangement, Visual and Digital Communication, Digitial Principles of Marketing, B2B, B2C. During my time at Ryerson, I have developed the skill of being a self-taught web developer. I am very passionate about my creation in projects through the coding languages I have learned. I want to use my web development skills and pursue a career in the tech industry.


            • Game of Snakes

              Developer |Jan, 2019Current

              I created the classic snake game using HTML and Javascript. Snake is the common name for a video game concept where the player maneuvers a line which grows in length, with the line itself being a primary obstacle.

            • Yawn Tracker

              Developer & Founder|Dec, 2018Current

              Yawn Tracker is a web application that allows you to track the number of yawns you take during the whole day. According to studies, yawning at-least more than 15 times a day is considered a risk due to lack of sleep or a related sleep symptom. As there are numerous amounts of sleep trackers for web development, I wanted to develop a new application will take on a new approach to be aware of the number of yawns you take in. I have used HTML, CSS, and JS to create this app.

            • Cell-Nhone

              Developer & Founder|Nov, 2018Current

              Cell-Nhone is a developing web application that allows you to spend less time on your phone. To demonstrate how it works is by putting competition with your friend whenever you meet up with them. During the time you spend with each other, the application tracks how much screen time you've been using. The less time you spend on your phone while being connected with your competition, the more challenges you win. As we are in the age of technology, we sometimes lose track of how much time we spend on our phones. Whether that is going through emails, social media, or playing games, we always need that extra push when phones overtake our personal life. I have used API's, HTML, CSS and JS to create this platform.

            • FITNE$$

              Developer and Founder|Oct, 2018Current

              Fitne$$ is an application that allows you to track how active you are throughout the week but there is a catch. The more you workout, the more you beat out your competition and earn money! Yes, Money. As everyone loves a bit of competition and money, I wanted to create an app that allows you to challenge your friends to daily, weekly or montly competitions.

            • Motivation Plus

              Developer and Founder|Jan, 2019Current

              Motivation+ is a developing email subscription tool that gives you daily, bi-weekly or monthly motivational emails that allows you to look at the better side of emails. Numerous amount of individuals receive constant emails that do not matter to them at all. So where my inspiration came from was the fact that since we live in such a result environment, most of us seem to lose hope easily. With that, I wanted to give something to the everyday person and offer them a purely positive subscripted email.

            • Tracker Tree

              Developer & Founder|Jan, 2019Current

              Tracker Tree is a developing web application that allows you to track your own progress by the growth of a tree that grows to 365ft! Individuals always plan to do a certain task or goal during the day but some of us forget and some of us don't. With the app, you actually get to see what kind of growth you made over the year, month and day with each ft growing. The motivation where this project came from was me. I always had goals and objectives within each day but sometimes I would forget about it. So I made a goal tracker that was visually representative. With each ft, it means that you accomplished something each day. Basically, if you push to the tree and commit to your goals, your own tree will grow an ft. The more goals and objectives you have accomplished each day can be represented with a branch with leaves.

            • Digital Clock

              Developer and Founder|Dec, 2018Current

              Digital Clock shows the real-time of EST. I have used HTML, CSS, And Javascript to create this digital clock. In addition, I wanted to create a world clock that will show each different time zones for each country.


              • Proactive of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and Swift Fundamentals. Mainly focusing on frontend development
              • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with sales background
              • Ability to make decisions and solve problems constructively with team members and clients
              • Proficient in Office Software Platforms