Mike Stop Continues

Principal Engineer & Leader
Dynamic engineer and leader with 17 years’ experience, specializing in high-impact web apps, yet at home with big data, systems, and AI. Prioritizes product-led growth, hypothesis testing, and the pursuit of excellence.


Strategic leadership, product dev, AI engineering, system architecture, mentorship, growth, communication
JavaScript/TypeScript, Go, Rust, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS
React (NextJS, Remix), Svelte, SolidJS, Vite, Astro, Tailwind, GraphQL
AWS (CDK), Azure, GCP, Cloudflare, Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless, Postgres, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Elasticsearch
PyTorch, TensorFlow, Pandas, NumPy, Langchain, Qdrant, Jupyter


Senior Lead of AI Projects, Integrations, Dev Experience


Jul 2022 - Nov 2023
  • Developed engineers across the Internal Engineering org. Designed hiring protocols. Organized cross-team collaboration and education. Introduced doc-based remote practices in support of 10-timezone spread.
  • Led company-wide generative AI efforts, providing engineering leadership across two dozens projects, driving adoption on the company’s core AI workgroup, and provisioning access to new technologies.
  • Built three teams, directly managed 14 engineers, and mentored new leads on each…


  • Empowered broad AI adoption with APIs and SDKs granting devs access to numerous GenAI providers, handling security, data scrubbing, rate limiting, and error handling.
  • Supercharged time-to-deployment on new projects with an auto-embedding API and chatbot playground, enabling the rapid creation of new AI-powered tools without any of the architectural overhead.
  • Launched multi-user, multi-modal GPT-4 Slackbot with context awareness and user-scoped data access, resulting in 1k+ interactions/day, saving 6 hours/week per surveyed employee.


  • Improved company-wide developer efficiency with an app management dashboard centralizing secrets, cron jobs, logs, errors, and scale management, as well as with templates, starter repos, and seminars in CI/CD best-practices.
  • Facilitated rapid feedback on internal tools and processes with cross-platform “suggestion box.”


  • Dropped costly dependencies and reduced new integration time from weeks to days by developing a robust gateway with integrated security, permissions, caching, and discovery, as well as shared SDKs and project templates
  • Worked with stakeholders, security, compliance, and audit teams to launch sensitive top company initiatives on time.


Jan 2020 - Jun 2022
  • Reduce website creation time from weeks to minutes with smart sync engine, AI-powered design, and forward-looking UX, ensuring websites stayed up-to-date automatically with new products, promotions, and events.
  • Deployed event-based serverless architecture, trained neutral nets, and implemented best-practices for CI/CD, monitoring, testing, and analytics.
  • Led product design, beta program, and direct outreach. Managed freelancers. Propelled our blog into the industry top 10. Presented at major conferences.

Principal Software Engineer

Aug 2018 - Dec 2019
  • Pioneered company-wide ML initiative and drove adoption across the tech org with convenient GUIs/APIs for managing A/B tests, multi-armed bandits, and collaborative filtering.
  • Reduced churn by 50%, increased paid event attendance by 20%, increased CRM profile completeness by 30%, and optimized click-through across our website.
  • Unlocked radical new business opportunities by re-engineering our compliance engine from over a minute/request to under a second, then by architecting realtime sync between our database, Salesforce, and our communication apps.
  • Led both engineering and product channels, facilitating the development of my team and the org through mentorship, targeted projects, and a coding book club.


Feb 2017 - Jul 2018
  • Launched innovative news portal to reduce misinformation and bias by providing high-level insight into trending topics, leveraging clustering techniques, NLP, and realtime analysis.
  • Upgraded users’ social media feeds with a browser extension that injected contextual data alongside shared links.

Principal Software Engineer

Sep 2014 - Jan 2017
  • Managed full product lifecycle for a dozen apps, from the pitch through design, development, and adoption, serving as the point-of-contact with stakeholders, users, and teams across the org.
  • Led multiple teams simultaneously, growing devs’ tech prowess and soft-skills by providing them with ample opportunities to explore interests in alignment with company goals.
  • Pioneered data-driven decision-making across the company, empowering staff with smart suggestions, interactive data, testing tools, a custom report builder, as well as leading workshops on how to optimize our content pipeline.
  • 10x’d curated ad views, doubled time-on-site for tentpole content, saved 60 hours/month of data analyst time, and optimized social ad spend with a suite of tools serving our sales and promotion teams.
  • Led the re-architecture of our data pipeline from client to cold-storage, ending data outages and erroneous data. Helped AOL adopt our work across all their brand sites.

Senior Software Engineer

Aug 2013 - Aug 2014
  • Accelerated research by creating an open-source platform for data sharing, management, and archival in compliance with NIH and NHS guidelines, serving hundreds of scientists world-wide.
  • Developed in-browser multi-track video editor and data tagging tool, leveraging emerging video, audio, and canvas APIs.
  • Led product development and user research. Streamlined onboarding flow, tripling user activation and data uploads.

Software Engineer

Freelance Development

Jan 2007 - Jul 2013
  • Served dozens of clients with performant websites, greenfield internal apps, and custom plugins for CMS platforms.

Current Experiments


Dec 2023 - Current
  • Launched “serverless” headless browser platform, drastically cutting dev costs across wide-ranging applications, including bespoke browser automation, LLM web-surfing, scraping, testing, dynamic image generation, and more.
  • Deployed edge-based architecture, featuring global scale, <50ms cold starts, and persistent websocket connections, ensuring industry-leading performance and flexibility.