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Nick Radford

Senior Full Stack Engineer
San Francisco, California



Frontend / Full Stack Engineer based in San Francisco, with extensive javascript development experience. Seeking full-time employment on passionate team, working on a meaningful project. Pronouns: he/him

Work Experience


Senior Full Stack Engineer

Nov 2021 - Aug 2022

Fullstack engineer for an app which improves the gifting experience for merchants on Shopify.

  • Was one of the first engineering hires, helped mentor and set patterns for conventions across code base
  • Implemented an asynchronous jobs system for core features, like processing orders, sending emails, recording events in DB
  • Implemented a system for webhooks so 3rd party applications could interact with events within our application
  • Created an internal management application to search through and rerun failed jobs, manage promo codes and billing plans, and update customization settings for merchants

Laid off in August 2022 due to the state of tech fundraising the entire industry is experiencing.

Cruise Automation

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Oct 2018 - May 2019

Built internal continuous integration and data visualization tools (Next.js, Golang, Highcharts) responsible for running and analyzing results of simulation runs of autonomous vehicles.

Independently built side project to allow data scientists to pull data from Google BigQuery, passing it through python scripts to manipulate and shape the data, and then visualize it using Highcharts, all wrapped in an Electron.js application.

Unity Technologies

Full Stack Engineer

Oct 2017 - May 2018

Full Stack Engineer on the Unity Ads platform. Used React, Redux, and similar tools on the frontend, and used Golang and Node.js on the backend to provide insights into monetization strategies for game developers.

Idean, Inc.

Senior UI Developer (Contract)

Oct 2016 - Mar 2017

Develop a B2B web application for a multinational media streaming service, utilizing React and Redux on the frontend, and interacted with the client's pre-built API layer. Also helped develop best practices for the team while on contract.

Euclid Analytics

Software Engineer

Feb 2016 - Sep 2016

Developed a location analytics product built on Backbone, React, and Rails.

  • Transitioned main product from Rails Asset Pipeline to ES2015 and Webpack.
  • Implemented proof-of-concept captive portal applications for clients.
  • Created a data verification application using Express.js and React to help verify the accuracy of the data we collected.

Walmart Labs (Sam's Club)

Senior Mobile Web Engineer

Apr 2015 - Oct 2015

Worked on a single page mobile application built on CanJS, Node, Angular, and React, then transitioned to the Sam's Club Desktop team to work on their hybrid JSP/Angular SPA application.

  • Implemented new UI design by building reusable Angular / CSS components.
  • Led a CSS component initiative to help unify CSS styles across Sam's Club desktop and mobile teams. This is still used in production today.


Software Development Staff Engineer

Apr 2011 - Mar 2015

Led a team which created and distributed a shared UI Library across teams within Dell. Technologies used include Angular.js, SCSS, CoffeeScript, Grunt/Gulp, Selenium, and Jasmine.

  • Built a modular UI library of more than 30 components and services to aid development teams across Dell's 100+ products conform to Dell Brand Guidelines.
  • Collaborated with remote teams giving guidance on AngularJS adoption and best practices


Bowling Green State University

Bachelors of Science (Incomplete) Computer Science

2007 - 2011


Typescript / Javascript HTML CSS / SCSS Golang Rust
GraphQL Unity3d Figma Git Heroku Vercel
Frameworks & Utilities
React Redux Next.js Node.js Svelte Tailwindcss Styled-components Material-ui (react) Vue Storybook Jest