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Omair-Inam Abdul-Matin

Toronto, Canada


Java (Core Language, Spring, Hibernate, Struts)
SQL Server
CI, Unit Testing, Agile, Code Reviews

Work Experience

Senior Backend Engineer

Splash (SplashThat.com)

Sep 2021 - Current

Development Team Lead

Modern Campus (formerly Destiny Solutions)

2021 - Sep 2021
  • Leading cross-functional team of 5 on a complex Ellucian Ethos integration project to be deployed initially to 3 clients with plans to scale to 50 clients. Successfully delivered 2 RCs on time.
  • Responsible for leading daily scrum meetings, sprint planning sessions, sprint reviews, and conducting code reviews.
  • Coordinate completion of 2 product increments in every 3 week sprint with product owner, agile team and manager.
  • Reduced QA wait time for mock API server initialization by over 200x by identifying and setting up an alternate mock API server. Add server setup and dev documentation, and trained team members. Mock server adopted by another team successfully.
  • Identified scalability issues with integration pipeline design by running load tests.

Senior Software Developer

Destiny Solutions

2012 - 2020
  • Used SnapLogic iPaaS tool to design and develop >10 integration pipelines enabling real-time integration of multiple DestinyOne entities with Salesforce. Over 30000 integration events successfully processed since go-live.
  • Implemented 1-click checkout feature for baskets with $0 items to improve UX for students.
  • Proposed and implemented an approach to allow the creation of form letters with default body content configurable via a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Designed and implemented a solution to support customizable form validations for student profiles with variable set of fields. Identified form field-linked validation error messages as a desirable UX enhancement and implemented it using Bootstrap validation components.
  • Designed and implemented 2 web service endpoints to support querying survey questions and specifying answers to questions related to one or more students within a transaction.
  • (POC) Reduce public portal course search execution time by over 10x by developing a custom search UI leveraging Vue.js backed by a course index using ElasticSearch.
  • Increased max supportable concurrent users by 400% (10 to 40 users) for a client by analyzing and resolving multiple performance/stability issues affecting student checkout use-case.
  • Identified inability to separately execute unit tests as a problem, and got team buy-in to separate unit tests from integration tests. Implemented changes, and set up CI jobs to run unit tests on each commit.
  • Successfully upgraded to latest version of internal reporting engine library (used by >400 reports) across 6 major versions (v8-2014). Developed testing harness to regenerate commonly run reports and automatically compare before/after PDFs. Tools used: Selenium, Groovy.

Software Developer

Quest Software

2009 - 2012
  • Used Java/Groovy to develop monitoring logic for initial release of MDS PulseNET providing real-time monitoring of upto 500 industrial wireless devices via SNMP.
  • Refactored legacy component for monitoring low-bandwidth DLink radios resulting in increased collection throughput and improved maintainability.

Software Developer

Infor (previously Workbrain)

2005 - 2008
  • Saved $1000s on software licensing costs for proprietary load testing tool by developing a Java-based automated performance regression testing framework for use across R&D; framework successfully rolled out to 2 modules.
  • Identified CI as a useful dev process improvement, got management buy-in and set up a CruiseControl CI server for dev team.


M.Math Computer Science

University of Waterloo

2002 - 2005

B.Sc. Computer Science

Rutgers University

Graduated with Highest Honors

1999 - 2002