Peter Valdez

Software Engineer

New York, New York

Lately, I've been trying to keep in mind that technology is primarily a tool. Tech folk often get caught up in the tech itself, without thinking its actual applications. I often compare it to fire. Fire is a marvel to behold, but it really shines in its applications.

Work Experience

  • Propellr

    Lead Software Engineer|Jul, 2014Oct, 2016

    I worked on all parts of the app, which included Ansible playbooks, AWS configuration, a Flask-based Python API, CoffeeScript on the Angular frontend, and Dockerizing the entire app myself.

    • Happy Dogs NYC

      Software Engineer|Oct, 2012Jun, 2014

      I worked on an internal operations management system for a dog daycare chain. The application uses the Django Python web framework. Being the sole web developer, I worked on every level of the application, from configuring nginx to designing the pages.

      • Hunter College

        System Administrator|Mar, 2010Oct, 2012

        Worked in a group of six system administrators, handling all sorts of tasks. We handled many college-wide services, including DNS, Active Directory, LDAP, the e-mail system, the college website, etc. Developed proficiency in Python, as that’s how they automate many of their processes.

        • Morgan Stanley

          Software Engineer|Jun, 2008Oct, 2008

          Worked on modernizing an internal program used by the company with AJAX and JavaScript. Worked with C#, JavaScript, HTML/XML, JSON, MySQL, Prototype JS.


          • Hunter College

            Bachelor of Arts - Computer Science|Aug, 2009May, 2014


          • Hooks


            A mobile app to run miscellaneous scripts over SSH. Built with React Native.

          • react-native-ssh


            A React Native library to run commands over SSH.

          • docker-s3-backup


            An easily configurable Docker image to backup Docker volumes every hour.

          • NYC Meshnet


            Helped reboot and run a meetup dedicated to figuring out how to get a mesh network started in NYC.

          • Talk: Wireless Meshnets

            Speaker at HOPE X

            I spoke on a panel about wireless mesh networks. Specifically, we discussed the various benefits of such a network, and which software and hardware someone would need to build one.

          • Talk: Numerical Analysis of Cardiac Electrophysiological Models


            After a summer of research, I gave a talk on the performance of various methods of approximating solutions to a set of differential equations that represented a heart's electrical activity.

          • Paper: Discovering Protein Clusters

            Co-author and Programmer

            I implemented a cluster-finding algorithm used to discover groups of related proteins, which resulted in a paper published in an AAAI Symposium.


            • Python
            • Docker
            • Bash
            • JavaScript
            • Angular
            • React
            • React Native
            • Ansible
            • AWS