Reid Beels

Designer, Coder, Community Builder

Stockholm, Sweden

Fusing a design background with years of software development experience, I've helped both early-stage and established companies solve problems and turn ideas into reality. My roles tend to involve full-stack web development with a smattering of user experience and product design. In my ideal workflows, I'm quickly creating prototypes, iterating and refining them, then refactoring to produce clean, well-tested, production-ready work. I'm particularly fond of maps, data visualization, and bright colors.

Work Experience

  • Elemental Technologies

    Software Developer III|Jan, 2014Aug, 2015

    Elemental makes high-speed video encoding, transcoding, and packaging software, delivered to enterprise customers as physical or virtualized Linux appliances. I worked on the team responsible for the user interface and APIs of these appliances and for products used to manage clusters of encoders.

    • Built an Angular user interface and underlying backend components for managing multi-program MPEG transport streams, then spun this functionality out into a standalone product
    • Worked on a 5–7 person team creating Elemental's next-generation cluster management product
    • Profiled database queries and improved performance of a complex application
    • Improved automated testing infrastructure to provide faster and more comprehensive results
    • Technologies: Ruby, Rails, AngularJS, Jenkins, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Byngo

    Lead Developer & Interaction Designer|Jun, 2012Nov, 2013

    Byngo built a platform for running games around real-world activities, initially focused on promoting sustainability on educational and corporate campuses through a partnership with an energy-monitoring company. This company eventually acquired Byngo.

    • Worked closely with Byngo's founder to iterate on product design, branding, and an overall look, feel, and personality for the product
    • Developed a consistent and responsive web UI, from prototyping through visual design and implementation
    • Built a system for dynamic layout and display of data visualization widgets based on the D3 reusable chart pattern
    • Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, D3, Backbone, Redis
  • Paydici

    Developer & Interaction Designer|Nov, 2009Jun, 2012

    Paydici developed billing and payment systems for property managers and HOAs, integrating online payments with paper billing and check processing.

    • Redesigned management and public-facing payment interfaces for increased usability and accessibility
    • Built a robust PDF-generation workflow to facilitate paper statement printing
    • Managed technical integration with a third-party lockbox provider for paper check processing
    • Designed corporate branding and marketing materials
    • Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Backbone, Redis, MySQL
  • AboutUs

    Interaction Design and Development Contractor|Aug, 2009Oct, 2009

    AboutUs provided a wiki page for every domain name on the internet. I contracted on-site for three months working on UX design and Rails development projects.

    • Worked within an expertly-managed agile process
    • Prototyped and implemented an improved registration and login experience
    • Gained experience with metrics-driven usability testing and paper prototyping
    • Technologies: Ruby, Rails, MediaWiki
  • Pixeldye

    Owner, Principal|Jan, 2007Dec, 2009

    Started and ran a small design and development studio, specializing in branding and interactive work. Worked with a variety of businesses on complete branding packages and with startups and nonprofits on web application development.

    • Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Python, Django, PHP, Wordpress


  • Pacific Northwest College of Art

    Coursework - Communication Design|Sep, 2005Jun, 2008

  • Pratt Institute

    AICAD Exchange - Graphic Design|Aug, 2006Dec, 2006

  • Southern Oregon University

    Coursework - Art, Computer Science, Chemistry|Sep, 2003Jun, 2005


  • Stumptown Syndicate

    Founding Director|Dec, 2010Current

    Co-founded a 501(c)(3) organization to produce peer-driven technology events in Portland, Oregon. Stumptown Syndicate produces Open Source Bridge, Ignite Portland, BarCamp Portland, WhereCampPDX, and other occasional activities. I've also worked to automate configuration of Stumptown Syndicate's servers using Chef.

  • Open Source Bridge

    Organizer, Designer, Co-Chair (since 2010)|Sep, 2008Current

    Open Source Bridge is a volunteer-run conference for open source citizens. Its content focuses on bringing people together across multiple platforms, languages and technologies. My role as co-chair includes fundraising, sponsor relations, content selection, and general oversight of the conference, including a yearly budget of roughly $70,000. I've worked on the conference since its inception and designed its logo along with many other bits of collateral.

  • Calagator

    Co-Founder, Core Developer, Designer|Jan, 2008Current

    Calagator was started in 2008 as Portland's technology calendar and has become the de facto place to find user group meetings and other tech-related events on any given night. It's also an open source project, allowing anyone to create a calendar around their own community.

  • ePDX / Citizenry

    Founder, Core Developer, Designer|Sep, 2010Current

    ePDX is a directory of the people, companies, groups, and projects that make up Portland's tech community. Its open-source codebase, dubbed Citizenry, has been used to build similar directories in other cities across the globe.

  • WhereCampPDX

    Co-Founder, Organzier|Sep, 2008Current

    WhereCamps are unconferences at the intersection of geography, technology, design, and culture. Portland's WhereCamp is now in its eighth year.