Steve Adams

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Victoria, British Columbia

I'm a versatile full-stack developer with a foundation in frontends and design. I love all aspects of the stack and the challenges that come with each. Outside of work I love spending time with my family, free diving, cooking, and getting outside.

Work Experience

  • Self Employed

    Software Developer|Oct, 2018Current

    I took a hiatus from full-time work to care for my son, but have taken on a few interesting smaller-scale projects. I'm now looking for full-time employment.

    • Developed a viewer and instruction protocol for a robotics simulator using Qt3D
  • Checkfront Inc.

    Senior Developer|Sep, 2016Oct, 2018

    At Checkfront I helped launch and maintain Site Builder (A real-time tool for building dynamic, theme-able websites for Checkfront users' inventory), designed and contributed to the company's newest API, and then moved on to lead the development of a new product. I've often functioned as a developer advocate by building or improving tooling and infrastructure to make developers' jobs easier with a focus on enabling ease of development, code quality, and collaboration.

    • Reduced customers' TTFB and loading times by around 75% and 30% respectively
    • Reduced customer on-boarding times by an average of 85%, preventing timeout issues on large accounts
    • Built a CLI tool to ease and standardize work for the team when building, testing, and deploying Site Builder themes
    • Designed a Rich Text Editor on top of the Draft.js framework (One of the best-loved features in the product)
    • Created a standard micro-service architecture using Node.js, TypeScript, and K8s
  • Tempest Systems

    Senior Web Developer|Dec, 2014Nov, 2016

    I helped the team find ways to refactor a 7 year old legacy PHP application into a more modern, easy to manage, performant code base. I also played an important role in hiring and mentoring new team members as well as establishing protocols and best practices for the team before I left.

    • Migrated a sprawling legacy app into Symfony 2, making the code testable, more stable, and easy to maintain
    • Made it possible to swap out search providers to avoid downtime and vendor tie-in
    • Introduced extensive front to back test suites to a previously test-free app
    • Rebuilt complex SQL schemas to allow for faster, smaller, optimized queries
    • Helped with testing, interviewing, and on-boarding new hires
    • Established best practices and protocols for new development
    • Worked remotely for 2 years
  • Red Brick

    Web Developer|Mar, 2012Aug, 2014

    I built a large CMS to manage all data on a software monetization network called Air Installer. The CMS aspect was a simple CRUD, but inside of the system was a set of sophisticated and powerful components for advanced content management and network reporting.

    • Built an efficient and powerful custom reporting API on top of PostgresQL, enabling quick and easy insights for internal users and customers.
    • Built a robust custom reporting interface which handled huge reports in the browser. It was fast, attractive, and easy to use.
    • Built dynamic reporting widgets for the customer and administrative dashboards with the custom reporting API, allowing custom reports in various graph, digital, and table formats.
    • Built a reliable caching layer with Redis to upsert statistics in the background to enable fast access to common reports (especially for widgets)
    • Continuously optimized the performance of reporting
    • Created front end components for easily managing complex data relationships and business logic (saving coworkers several hours per day)
    • Functioned as the product's manager for most of my time on the project
  • Neverblue

    Creative Designer/Developer|Mar, 2009Mar, 2012

    I was responsible for designing creative materials initially, and eventually took on a developer role maintaining and building my team's PHP powered websites.

    • Built an internal service to generate dynamic landing pages. This made it so designers no longer needed to bootstrap projects - the framework handled it all for them.
    • Designed creative materials for advertising campaigns
    • Maintained existing PHP sites and a legacy application


  • Blog


    I've written a few posts about technologies I've used. They're old now, but could be worth checking out.


    • software architecture
    • api design
    • functional programming
    • javascript
    • sql
    • php
    • remote working
    • project management
    • typescript
    • c#
    • kotlin