Steve Weiland

Senior Software Engineer

Portland, Oregon

Extensive background designing and building enterprise applications. Experienced with full lifecycle software development including requirements capture, prototyping, proof of concept, design, implementation, testing, releasing and operation.

Work Experience

  • Nike

    Senior Software Engineer (Cloud Customization Services Team)|Jun, 2016Current

    Worked with the Cloud Customization Services team to design and develop a suite of Microservices supporting Customization, Personalization and Checkout.

    • Designed and built loosely coupled and independently scalable RESTful Microservices.
    • Reviewed technical design documents, runbooks, code and tests.
    • Automated DevOps (building, testing, and releasing software) in our continuous delivery environment.
    • Developed and ran performance tests to profile and tune our services.
    • Automated monitoring via New Relic, Signal fx, Cloud Watch and Splunk dashboards.
    • Operated in the Cloud. Monitored workloads, diagnosed and fixed problems.
  • Renew Financial

    Senior Software Engineer|20132015

    Worked with Services Team to design and develop the Microservices which provide green contractors with project financing.

    • Designed, developed and operated RESTful Microservices that delivered business value.
    • Refactored messaging and storage implementation in loan originator service to use AWS SQS and S3.
    • Implemented new features and refactored problematic implementations in a plethora of web services.
    • Executed all DevOps tasks, automated when possible.
    • Operated in the Cloud. Monitored workloads, diagnosed and fixed problems.
  • Nike (Sparq)

    Senior Software Engineer|20092012

    Designed and built applications which computed and managed athlete performance testing and data for different sports. Allowed athletes to view their scores, track their progress and compare against others.

    • Ruby on Rails based UX / UI with a RESTful service layer.
    • Built APIs for event vendors and operated on clustered architecture.
    • Built and supported onsite system for performance data capture.
  • CloudOps

    Senior Software Engineer|20082009

    Web interface / RESTful web services that managed application deployments in Amazon Web Services.

    • Custom Amazon Machine Image development: Java, Rails and Lamp stacks on CentOS base images.
    • Built services to support management of image (AMI), instance (EC2), security groups, elastic IP, load balancers and elastic block storage (EBS).
    • Collaboratively designed and built control panel to manage Cloud infrastructure.
  • PinPointLogic

    Senior Software Engineer|20072009

    Developed service based software for PPL clients.

    • Built Java based web service for persistent object storage and caching used in collaboration software.
    • Worked with front end developers to build UI built around Ext.js.
    • Ported banner serving engine from PHP to Apache Module written in C, improved performance 5x.
    • System served 25,000,000 banners a day roughly 290 banners a second.
    • Apache2.x and MySQL C apis, caching.
  • SignaCert

    Senior Software Engineer|20062007

    Participated in Verification Interface implementation as well as client enhancements.

    • Product built with Java, based around web services, leveraged Spring and Hibernate frameworks.
    • Large dataset handling by SOAP API.
  • UXComm

    Senior Software Engineer|20052006

    Enterprise management software suite consisted of a proprietary XML based scripting language that drove protocol level stacks via adapters.

    • Implemented IPMI API. Used to manage servers/blades and report board level sensor readings.
    • Designed Linux Management Instrumentation to monitor and manage Linux based servers/blades.
    • Developed Dynamic Server Provisioning product to automate provisioning of Linux based servers.
    • Designed and implemented Asset Repository leveraging Spring and Hibernate Frameworks.
  • Kietra

    Senior Software Engineer|20042005

    Designed, built and operated an electronic medical record and billing product.

    • Java based application built on Spring, Spring MVC and Hibernate.
    • RESTful web services for data import/export.
  • The Widge

    Software Engineer|20032012

    A web based domain name management tool. The system allows users to register and transfer Domain Names, manage DNS records, host or route email and web sites.

    • Java, Spring and Hibernate Frameworks. Services and subsystems implemented in Java and C.
  • Via Training

    Software Engineer|20002003

    Lead team of engineers in successfully deploying large scale J2EE based e-learning applications.

    • Designed a rich domain model to encapsulate data and behaviors.
    • Promoted Object Oriented design and the use of patterns to enhance extensibility.
    • Evangelized test driven development and refactoring to improve maintainability.
  • Whitehorse Studios

    Software Engineer|19982000

    Built web applications for high profile clients.

    • Applications were developed with Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP and C.
    • Designed and administered relational database systems.


  • Southern Oregon University

    Bachelor of Science - Computer Science|1998

    Graduated with Honors, Omicron Delta Kappa National Honor Society

  • United States Marine Corps



    • Languages: Java, Groovy, Scala, C, Ruby, PHP, Perl, SQL, NoSQL, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, XML
    • Frameworks: Netflix OSS Stack, Spring, SpringMVC, Hibernate, J2EE, Rails, JUnit, Spock
    • AmazonWebServices: EC2, SNS, SQS, S3, IAM, CloudFormation, DataPipeline, EMR, DynamoDB
    • Concepts: OOD, TDD, SOA, MVC, ORM, Patterns, Refactoring, Concurrency, Testing
    • Software: Jetty, Apache, Resin, Mongrel, Tomcat, JBoss, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres
    • Systems: Linux, OSX, FreeBSD, Unix