Tucker Spofford

Seattle, Washington
I build strong teams, systems, prototypes, and products.

Work Experience

Blue Origin

Aug 2022 - Current
Principal User Experience Designer

Leading Design System creation and implementation across dozens of internal software applications.

  • helping team to establish best practices and approaches for successful product design
  • designing and building a fully functional design system that meets the needs of a complex aerospace production environment
  • managing development and implementation of components in production


Jul 2019 - Nov 2021

Led user experience design for Steam Deck, a new gaming handheld for PC gamers.

  • architected the UX experience for SteamOS across Steam Deck and now Steam Desktop experiences
  • created a design system for multi-modal interaction across Steam store / controller / PC and touch devices
  • architected relationship between UX and hardware design including control design, hardware layout and communication (packaging, marketing, etc.)
  • shipped functional react components and SASS mixins


Jun 2010 - Jun 2019
Design Director

Worked in a very hands on role as design director leading some of Artefact’s largest and most challenging projects.

  • known as someone who can run and deliver any kind of project, UX, ID, strategy or research
  • worked on all sorts of projects including: AR/VR/MR, medical products, consumer electronics, enterprise software, accessibility products, observational research, etc.
  • created Artefact's bi-annual hackathon won numerous design awards including the Braun prize


BS Industrial Design

WWU's industrial design program is legend for outputting some of the greatest designers in the Northwest. Possibly the world. I pretend to be one of them 😅


  • User experience design
  • Team building
  • Project management
  • User research
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • Design systems

Software expertise

Figma Adobe suite
JavaScript React Arduino
Fusion360 Keyshot


Accessibility Product for People with Low Vision

Sep 2018 - Nov 2018
UX Lead

Worked with an interdisciplinary team to help a client understand the challenges faced by their existing users and look for opportunities to improve their next generation of product, including a ground up user experience redesign, including the hardware and software. This project created unique accessibility challenges and solutions.

Mixed Reality Experience

Jun 2018 - Aug 2018
Project Lead

Worked with a client to create 4K full motion video demonstration of future AR/MR experience using 3D rendering, video compositing and live acting to create a realistic representation of how AR/MR technology could be applied to the work environment in the future.

Transportation Systems Design for Consumer Electronics Company

Sep 2017 - Jan 2018
UX Lead

Helped a client envision the future of urban transportation with a special emphasis on the roles that a consumer electronic manufacturer could play in that space. To help our client sell the vision internally we created a self contained, interactive television table experience, that used 3D printed RFID totems to navigate. I build the hardware and software that enabled the experience as well as building the concepts and overseeing the overall design.

Project Lead

As the project lead at Artefact, I led a team of designers and developers through a two year journey of exploration, design, and delivery to help Tangerine transform their website into the future of Canadian banking. This first release lays the foundation for the Forward Banking Experience, which is designed to help Tangerine's clients improve their financial literacy, open new ways of banking, and deepen the experience for user to truly make Tangerine an everyday bank, that clients look to and trust.

Augmented Reality Universe Design

Jan 2015 - Jun 2015
Project lead

Helped a struggling but well funded augmented reality company envision and create a new user interface for interacting with real world and virtual objects in 3D space, as well as handle all the day to day interactions one might have with a smart-phone-like apps. This client went on to full develop the experience and it is widely regarded today.