Wilfred Springer

Software Maker / Creative

Asperen, Gelderland

Wilfred has been working in the industry for more than 20 years. In recent years, his focus has been mostly on helping NYC based startups turning an idea into working software and a profitable business. He loves the word "open" in general, and "open source" in particular.

Work Experience

  • East Pole

    Freelance Software Maker — Web, Node.js, Cloud, NoSQL|Apr, 2011Current

    Software development for helping startups push their products over the hill of first adoption, using technology from the innovator and early adopter space of the technology adoption curve.

    • Roles — All roles required to take the idea and turn it into working software.
    • Technology — Anything allowing you to get it out as fast as possible, with as little effort as possible and as robust as possible. During the last couple of years, that used to be based on the Node.js ecosystem, and it's not likely that will change unless the Web starts changing in radical ways. Which at this point involves: React, Webpack, Vue, Hapi, Node.js, JavaScript (but preferably CoffeeScript), NoSQL including Mongo, ElasticSearch, Redis, Memcache, etc.
  • Jumbo

    Advisor|Oct, 2017Current

    Guided Jumbo in making some major architectural decisions, iterated on a vision for microservices, content management, access management based on OpenID Connect and food and health-related technology choices.

    • Implemented proof of concepts for authentication and access control in microservices, based on OpenID Connect and Auth0.
    • Handcoded an OAuth2 implementation on top of the existing authentication APIs.
    • Guided the discussion on the positioning of content management and consolidated all of it various vision documents.
    • Guided the discussion on API authentication and the need of API gateway products.
    • Created a reference microservice and a microservice template.
    • Helped the organization with a first Kubernetes deployment.
    • Defined API guidelines.
    • Assisted the organization in making some major strategic choices, working with stakeholders in- and outside of the organization.
    • Using visualization in all of the above.
    • Solved food advisory problems using optimization techniques from operations research.
    • Implemented Nuxt and headless content management proof of concepts.
  • Gust

    Co-creator Gust Launch|Feb, 2015Oct, 2017

    All of the legal, financial and accounting tools and services it takes to found, operate and finance a high- growth venture, from idea through exit. Created the legal template language, PDF rendering, the template editor, annotated live preview, the Node.js based CQRS and event sourcing subsystem and the AngularJS based UI.

    • Designed and created the legal document template language, an accompanying editor and the server side rendering subsystem.
    • Designed and created a Node.js and Mongo based CQRS and event sourcing implementation, including a time-traveling monitoring solution.
    • Created the framework to be able to quickly add support for new dialogs supporting new type of workflows.
    • CoffeeScript / Node.js / Heroku / Mongo / Mlabs / SendGrid / CQRS / CircleCI / AngularJS / Optimizely / Zeplin / Sketch
  • ProQuest Flow

    Co-creator ProQuest Flow|2012Jan, 2015

    ProQuest Flow (currently ProQuest Refworks) is a new way to collect, use, share and cite research.

    • Created the reference editor.
    • Created the document analysis subsystem, responsible for extracting document metadata from PDF documents in order to prevent users from having to do it manually themselves.
    • Created the subsystem for importing from other reference managers.
    • Added support for synchronization with Dropbox
    • Created the document processing pipeline to prepare PDF documents for the document reader and annotation tools.
    • Scala / Mongo / Amazon EC2 / AngularJS / Web / Amazon SWF / Amazon SES
  • ProQuest Udini

    Co-creator Udini|May, 20112013

    Udini is about opening up access to oodles of quality papers, plus an online platform to help you tame any research project. Worked in small distributed team on basically everything involved, but mostly on code and architecture.

    • Scala / Mongo / Amazon EC2 / Web
  • NoSQL Summer

    Lifeguard|Jul, 2010Aug, 2010

    Led the Dutch chapter of the NoSQL summer initiative. Organised the meetups, prepared the presentations, led the discussions.

    • Xebia

      Chief Scientist|Feb, 2009Apr, 2011

      Worked on boosting the technology vibe within the company, and a number of initiatives to increase Xebia's strength in the technological innovation space.

      • Worked with Typesafe on the promotion of Scala in the Netherlands.
      • Organized an open source pavilion at JFall.
      • Extracted the companies' ideas on how to do software development in a deck of flash cards.
      • Organized the first Scala training in Amsterdam.
      • Led the NoSQL and Scala meetup
      • Presented Preon and @composite at OOPSLA 2009
      • Guided Bol.com's architecture team in analysing what would be required to support the changes expected within a 3 year timeframe.
      • Led a team building a travel web site for Elmar in the Netherlands, based on Java, Spring, Spring Integration, with teams working in India and the Netherlands.
      • Led a team building RIPE NCC's conference portal, with teams working from India and the Netherlands.
    • TomTom Mobile

      Software Architect TomTom Mobile|Sep, 2008Jan, 2009

      Worked on the exploration of a product that would allow TomTom routing capabilities to be included on all major Java-based handsets.

      • Coordination with RIM/Blackberry
      • Coordination with the company providing the map rendering library
      • Scrum master of the development team
      • Created a Spring implementation that also ran on J2ME based computing platforms
    • TomTom Desktop and Services

      Senior Software Architect|Feb, 2006Sep, 2008

      Helped growing a team of serverside Java developers working on the serverside backend of the devices, including HD Traffic, IQ Routes and routes.tomtom.com.

      • Interviewed and hired most of the developers (30+)
      • Set the standard way of working by introducing the company to Scrum and standardizing on Spring.
      • Organized the weekly developer get together at noon.
      • Developed Preon's predecessor, a system allowing you to define the mapping between a compressed file format and its in-memory representation in a declarative way and get the encoder, decoder and readable documentation for free.
      • Assisted in making architectural significant decisions in all projects.
    • Sun Microsystems

      Senior Software Architect|Mar, 2000Feb, 2006

      Responsible for leading strategic customer projects in early adoption of SOA and Web Services technologies to achieve significant reductions in Time To Market and Total Cost of Ownership. Frequent speaker at Sun and other industry conferences on the topics of SOA, XML and Agile Software Development.

      • Worked on what must have been one of the first BEA WebLogic deployments for the introduction of what later became Vodaphone, in the Netherlands. Integration with WAP phones, WML pages, tuning.
      • Worked on Philips' Streamium server backend. Led a few workshops on architectural decisions that had to be taken, implemented an XML payload handling framework, coordinated with Philips architects on the implementation.
      • Performance tuning and trouble shooting Philips' consumer electronics site, preventing it from going down.
      • Review of an architecture at Bourse du Luxembourg
      • SOA Readiness assessment at VPS in Norway
      • First setup of an OSS/J implementation at UPC
      • Assisting ING in defining their next state Internet architecture
      • Assisting ABN Amro in some architectural design decisions
      • Implementing an identity management solution at KPN
      • Creating a data replication mechanism for CMG's SMSC
    • CMG

      Software Developer and Architect|19962000

      Software Developer and Architect in large scale projects, primarily in the financial services industry.


      • University of Hertfordshire MSc

        Master of Science - Information Systems Development|Aug, 1995Aug, 1996

        Mostly focused on Information Analysis.


        • Visual thinking, visualization, sketchnoting
        • Training skills: trained multiple teams from different organizations in using Scala
        • Presentation skills: presented at JavaOne, Devoxx, OOPSLA (Splash), and a number of other conferences and meetups
        • Community skills: organized open source community days, led the NoSQL Summer in the Netherlands, led the NoSQL meetup in the Netherlands
        • Ideation
        • Gut feeling: my gut hardly ever gets it wrong
        • Breaking down complexity
        • Middleware: MongoDB, Elastic Search, Tile38, RabbitMQ, ArangoDB
        • Programming Languages: Node.js, Scala, CoffeeScript, ReasonML, Nim
        • Frameworks: Nuxt, Vue, AngularJS, React, Unfiltered, Hapi, Express, Micro
        • Services: Auth0, Google PubSub, S3, EC2, Heroku, Zeit, Dokku, Mongo Atlas, Pingdom, SQS, …
        • Presentation: HTML, CSS, SVG, React Native, SASS, Stylus, Less, Bulma, Bootstrap, a11y