Zac West

iOS Engineer
San Francisco, CA
I put Apple frameworks through their paces.

Work Experience


Mobile Software Engineer

Dec, 2018 - Current
  • Built a reusable theming module, refactored and rewrote basically every view in the app to use it, and shipped Dynamic Type and Dark Mode support with semantic color and font mappings.
  • Overhauled accessibility support to meet WCAG 2.1 level AA standards. Fixed numerous bugs, filed radars, all that jazz.
  • Shipped features, mentored engineers, improved developer tooling and language standards, learned & evangelized RxSwift, helped define process.


Lead iOS Engineer

Oct, 2015 - Nov, 2018

Picked up and fell in love with Swift. Architected and rewrote the app to be extensible and easy to build in. Managed the iOS team.

  • Resilient creation flow with background uploading powered by Realm.
  • Major reusable UI components including a grid display and feed system.
  • Reusable data source used throughout the app.


Software Engineer

Feb, 2015 - Sep, 2015

Rewrote and made for quick iterating from private beta to a featuring in the App Store at launch. I think I built this to be a top-tier messaging app in a very short period of time.

  • Extremely custom UICollectionViews for messaging and list displays.
  • Core Data powered networking layer powering everything.

Hey Inc.

Lead iOS Developer

Jan, 2013 - Jan, 2015

I was the first iOS hire from private beta to launching and an Editor's Choice and over a million downloads of Heyday, a journaling app. This app was predominately an offline experience but featured full backup and syncing to the cloud of the entries and users' entire camera rolls.


Senior iOS Developer

Dec, 2011 - Jan, 2013

Primary worked on Linea, a photo-sharing app focused on mosaics and printing books.


Mobile Application Developer

Dec, 2010 - Dec, 2011

Software for iPads in hotel rooms: climate control, room service. Lots of custom binary-protocol networking talking to ancient systems.


Software Engineer

Feb, 2010 - Dec, 2010

Worked on a high-availability RAID stack in Linux, and on a legacy bare metal version, both written in C. I previously interned here as well.


University of Central Florida

Master of Science Computer Science


University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Science Computer Science