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Senior Software Engineer at Reforge

Remote(USA Only)
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Senior Software Engineer

  • Remote within US


Building a product is always about balance between done and perfect, between taking on tech debt and taking your time, between what’s needed and what’s possible. In the lifecycle of a feature or even an industry, the right balance evolves.

At Reforge engineering, our situation is a little unique. Our customers are the leading practitioners in the tech world. Employees from Google, Github, Reddit, Airbnb, and more look to us to provide in-depth organized insights that accelerate their careers. Furthermore, they look to us to provide a product experience that reflects the high quality of our content. In the beginning, Reforge was a content-driven company, and we are evolving to become a product-driven company. We want to be the example of world-class education and community product.

It will be your job to think with us, to identify and build the best software we can in the moment with a grander vision in mind, and help us move the professional education industry to a place that reflects the reality of work. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

You’ll be joining as part of the foundational team of a profitable proven startup. We bootstrapped to high seven-figure revenue, led by experienced entrepreneurs, and recently we raised a $20M round from A16Z. In addition, you will integrate into our community of subject matter experts, including the leaders who helped build companies like Slack, Pinterest, CreditKarma, ClassPass, ipsy, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, Thumbtack, and more.


In a traditional world, before the advent of tech, bankers, manufacturing leaders, and others progressed to the top of their industry through an MBA. Tech followed suit for some time, with early tech company leaders heading into MBA programs at Stanford, MIT, and others. That’s not true anymore. Tech has passed the MBA by and people are trying to figure out how to progress from mid career professional to the top of their field. Reforge is a new kind of educational company that helps you access the earned insights of the world’s leading practitioners, learn and apply frameworks without leaving your job, and build a strong professional network. The path to the top of the tech profession is being solved here.

We work with the leaders of the fastest growing and most innovative companies such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Atlassian, Slack, and HubSpot to teach frontier topics to today’s emerging leaders. Our content, community, experience, and brand combine into a unique product offering that creates unparalleled access to insights.

In just a couple of years, we’ve built a thriving community of emerging leaders solving problems at Airbnb, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Amazon, Facebook, New York Times, Peloton, Stitch Fix, and many more. Here are just a few comments from our alums:

I got my MBA at Berkeley, but this program has been more transformational for me then the entire two years I spent there. Thank you!

Reforge has easily been one of the best investments of time and money I’ve ever made in my professional development. I love how the course codifies what I’ve been doing for the last four years as VP of Marketing.

Reforge is easily the highest quality professional skills program out there. If I had to choose between attending an unlimited number of industry conferences, versus going only to the Reforge, I’d choose Reforge without hesitation.


  • You’ll be one of the early founding members of our cross-functional engineering team comprised of product design, software engineering, marketing, and analytics.
  • You’ll work with our head of product, CTO, head of engineering, head of design, and your awesome peers in our engineering team to envision new solutions to customer problems based on our high-level strategy.
  • World-class practitioners – our programs are application only and very selective. They attract top performers from the world’s leading tech companies. Your job will be to study their challenges and opportunities to create an amazing product experience.


You won’t be given a list of features that need to be implemented – you will be presented challenges to solve and tasked with leading a project to come up with the best possible solution. You’ll work with the product and design team to communicate what is feasible and to understand and envision goals.

Here are some delightful bullet points that outline some things you’ll be doing:

  • Contribute to the Reforge offering by understanding the mission and chip in with feedback/ideas on how to improve Reforge
  • Lead by example by writing code others can understand
  • Design and development of new products, features, and enhancements
  • Own and solve problems from end-to-end.
  • Engage with customers to understand their problems, goals, and aspirations in pursuit of a better customer experience
  • Communicate with non-engineers to define requirements and deliverables
  • Contribute feedback and ideas to the direction of Reforge that align with the mission
  • Keep up-to-date with current technologies, and know when to apply them to projects
  • Periodically teach your co-workers all the great stuff you learnt via tech talks, brown bags, blogs or open source


  • You understand and enjoy working on the full stack (servers, backend, frontend, assets, networking)
  • You’ve worked with or have a desire to learn the latest versions and main libraries of the following tech:
    • Ruby on Rails
    • React, vanilla javascript, webpack
    • Postgres, redis, memcached
    • Server knowledge like Heroku, Docker, or custom builds
    • Bonus: Python, mobile (native or non-native), data science libraries/tools
  • You have an user-oriented mindset and have built software with a proven track record of making it part of a successful business
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • You can lead a project from conception to maintenance, planning iterative releases that deliver high impact
  • You want to like the place at which you work

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion: We deeply value creating a team with different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences, and we prioritize diversity within our team. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.

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