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Job: Senior Mobile Developer (React Native) – Special Projects at FluentU

1 month ago
This job posting is over 30 days old, but the application is still open.

Hi there!

This might be your lucky day.

What is FluentU? 

FluentU is a private, self-funded education company (started in 2011) that helps people learn languages with authentic videos. We have a website, iOS app, and Android app. Many people know us through our blog, which is visited ~4 million times every month.

Why would you want to work here?

  1. We’re a 100% distributed/remote team and have been since the beginning. We have a work style that a lot of developers might like (mainly communicate via text with very few or no calls/meetings).
  2. Have freedom to work when/where you want. We believe in hiring capable people who can manage themselves.
  3. We value having a calm, efficient environment and won’t work you into the ground. :D
  4. We have a flat, collaborative environment.
  5. We make decisions based on logic/reason. We prioritize communicating clearly.
  6. You’ll working in a small team of talented and experienced individuals.
  7. We’re a profitable, stable company with a long-term focus – proudly self-funded.
  8. You'll work on a big part of something important, rather than being just a cog in a wheel. 
  9. We’re constantly evolving and learning – you will be too.
  10. We work reasonable/flexible hours. 

Why wouldn’t you want to work here?

  1. We’re a 100% distributed/remote team. Not the most social work environment. We mainly communicate via text with very few or no calls/meetings.
  2. We might not give as much hand holding as other companies. We don’t want to tell you exactly what to do.
  3. We have a culture of candid feedback.
  4. Things can change a lot – we are always experimenting and trying new things.

What is this job about? What is Special Projects?

This job is about Special Projects. You won’t be working with the main dev team that builds our product.

Instead, you’ll be working directly with the founder and a small team (UX designer + content team) on special projects. This is a unique opportunity that combines the excitement of working in a startup within the security and resources of a larger company. 

The first special project will be for a new language learning mobile app that relies on first-person video, speech recognition, and story to create an immersive experience. Instead of teaching people language in the abstract, it will put them in actual scenarios that simulate real life. Here’s a prototype: https://youtu.be/CFrpfMb7eCs

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone who:

  • is fluent in English
  • has strong front-end and back-end skills with React Native with 2+ years of experience
  • has a knack for creating beautiful products and amazing user experiences
  • writes clean, high-quality, well-documented code
  • follows best practices like OOP and unit testing
  • can work 30+ hours per week on a regular basis
  • no agencies please

How to apply

If you’re interested, please fill out this form: https://form.asana.com?k=bqQ5rlXhU9sRDT-T0G9p6g&d=1198300745176276

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