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    Engineering Lead - Mobile B2B SaaS

    1 week ago

    👋 Thanks for stopping by and learning more about this role at Sitemate! ✨🏗️

    We’d love to hear from you 🙂 👩‍💻👩🏽‍💻🧑🏿‍💻👨🏻‍💻

    Brief overview of this role at Sitemate:

    • We are looking for a mid to senior level mobile / full stack software engineer to join our engineering team and lead our two React Native mobile projects, which will enable our CTO to step into new areas.
    • This role would be great for you if you are looking for more technical authority and autonomy around your work on mobile projects. Maybe you are working in a bigger team and don’t have any opportunities to take a lead role - this role would be perfect for you. Maybe you’ve worked in startups or had your own startup that has finished up, and you want to join a startup team that move very quickly and place a huge emphasis on product and engineering - this role would be perfect for you. Maybe you don’t have as many years of experience of others, but think you would do well at taking on more responsibility - this role would be perfect for you.
    • You will have opportunities such as becoming a senior and foundational member of our engineering team, regardless of your location - our 3 senior engineers are based in Melbourne, Vancouver and Almaty respectively. You will have the opportunity to pull responsibility and technical ownership off of our CTO’s ‘plate’, and make it your own area of expertise. You will have the opportunity to learn about (and help us improve) complex mobile-specific challenges such as sharing components between two separate mobile applications, offline mode, optimal location storage/purging functions, clash detection and resolution, as well as real-time syncing between mobile and web. You will have direct engagement, collaboration and communication with our Head of Product, Head of Design & UX and product-focused CEO. You will also have the opportunity to create a blended react-native / native mobile product as we look to leverage some native functionality to improve multimedia uploading performance.

    Employment Type:

    • Full-time.
    • Based (preference): Melbourne, Sydney, Remote Australia, APAC, Asia and Americas
    • Remuneration: AUD $130k-$180k.

    Why should I consider joining Sitemate?

    • You can see what people really think about working at Sitemate here: https://www.glassdoor.com.au/Overview/Working-at-Sitemate-EI_IE3008131.11,19.htm
    • We have equal opportunity for applicants of all genders, ethnicity and sexualities - Sitemate's team is proudly diverse.
    • You will have flexible working options - our team is a blend of fully remote and hubs around offices. People based in hub cities typically work in the office 2-3 days per week, and 2-3 days working from home.
    • You will be remunerated based on your performance. If you are performing well, you won’t need to wait 3 years or have to find better offers elsewhere to receive an increase to your remuneration. 7 out of the last 10 remuneration increases for Sitemate team members have been made pro-actively by management, without the individual needing to even raise the topic of remuneration.
    • You will get a laptop and a budget to set up your home office (standing desk, monitor, headphones etc).
    • You will be able to attend company-sponsored training, workshops or conferences that help with your role.
    • You will get additional benefits and support as parents - with paid leave for both primary and secondary carers (includes adoption), as well as support and leave for the tragic circumstances of stillbirth.
    • You will get equity options and ownership in Sitemate on a standard vesting schedule. See here a general overview of how this works: https://legalvision.com.au/5-essential-elements-employee-share-scheme/
    • Sitemate has grown from 5 people in 2018 to now over 20, and we’re now moving into the next stage of growing to 100 people! We have a product that customers are strongly engaged with, and every month we get around 300-400 new leads whilst spending $0 on marketing and 0 cold calling.
    • Sitemate’s founders have diverse backgrounds - one with coming from engineering on major infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges and tunnels, the second coming from product and graphic design. This brings a unique perspective internally where we blend deep industry experience with a passion (obsession) for modern best practices in product design.
    • Sitemate graduated from Australia’s #1 Technology Company Accelerator - Startmate (complete coincidence on the names… 😅).
    • Sitemate has strong financial backing from Blackbird (Australia and NZ’s #1 Vc) and Shearwater Growth Capital (founded by two Directors of WiseTech - a $14B software company for the logistics industry).

    What is the working environment like at Sitemate?

    • We are very transparent - monthly allhands meetings provide the team with direct insight into team updates, customer stories, hiring plans and key metrics (NPS, Revenue, Financial Performance). During this allhands meeting we also hear one ‘life story’ from one of our team each month - learning about different countries and cultures around the world.
    • We place an extremely high value on your time - you won’t be spending your days wasting time on fighting internal systems, botched together spreadsheet processes or doing data entry.
    • We use best in class systems that are seamlessly integrated to deliver our team the right information at the right time, allowing them to get their work done efficiently and to a very high standard.
    • You will have a core and close team around you, but you will also be exposed to and working directly with multiple departments - engineering, product, design, marketing, sales and customer success.
    • You will have a high degree of autonomy, as the focus is on outcomes and not hours. If you want to block off a few hours to run a personal errand - no worries. If you want to block off an hour to pick up the kids from school - no worries. No one will be monitoring your time.
    • We are constantly working to minimise the number of group meetings - daily check ins are all done asynchronously (in your own time) each morning. But spontaneous 1:1s or small sessions are strongly encouraged!

    What does Sitemate do, exactly?

    • Sitemate builds best in class software products for the built world.
    • Industrial companies operating in the built world are facing a number of mission critical challenges - changes in work behaviour due to covid-19, Generation Z starting to enter the workforce as mobile first users of software, and the drastic shift away from traditional mining to renewable energy projects such as wind farms and solar farms.
    • See here an example wind farm project that is powered by Sitemate: https://roadbridge.ie/projects/beinn-an-tuirc-windfarm-phase-3/
    • See here an example solar farm project that is powered by Sitemate: https://newenglandsolarfarm.com.au/the-project/
    • Our first product - Dashpivot, is a platform where industrial style companies streamline and standardise their processes in a new digital format. This new digital format enables them to complete and track work in the field on a mobile or tablet, and automate repetitive tasks and tracking through automated workflows and real-time analytics.

    See some of our user reviews for Dashpivot here:

    What will I be doing day to day in this role?

    • Take technical ownership of our two mobile products - developing new features, fixing bugs, re-architecting core components functions.
    • Inheriting the technical vision for our mobile products from our CTO, improving it, and ensuring all work day to day is working towards this technical vision.
    • Working closely with our delivery team (product owner & QA Engineers), product team and broader engineering team. As a senior engineer, you will be expected to coordinate the mobile projects and will be the point of contact for our CTO and CEO.
    • Assisting our delivery team with diagnosing any production issues by investigating bugsnag and datadog logs, and then creating hotfix releases accordingly.

    What will be the biggest challenges for me in this role?

    • As you will be working directly with our CTO (a former founder) and our Founder/CEO, you will need to be able to manage communication, problem solving and your own technical execution/contributions.
    • You will need to be acutely aware of your own productivity and ensure that you are always driving towards outcomes that will impact users.
    • Our mobile products seem simple to our users, but contain a high degree of technical complexity - from shared components across multiple mobile apps, to backend services that only serve the mobile client - there will be a lot to learn.
    • We will be completely re-architecting our product’s hierarchy in the next 12 months from a rigid tree/folder structure to a flexible tree/folder structure, which will nearly certainly require refactoring every part of our product 🙃.

    What kind of skills and experience do I need to have? (Ideally most but not all)

    • Javascript/Typescript experience is preferred.
    • React Native experience is preferred.
    • DynamoDB experience is a bonus.
    • MongoDB experience is a bonus.
    • Native mobile experience is a bonus (as per above, we are planning on forking a portion of our React Native app to enable the usage of native components for multimedia uploading).


    What does the application and interview process look like? And how long does it take?

    Once you have expressed interest, we have an online application form that is connected to our internal systems. Following on from this, we have a combination of an online self service quiz and interviews. Usually it will only take a day or two to hear an update on next steps, and the overall process for those who make it all the way through, will usually take a couple of weeks.

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  • Sporty Group logo

    iOS Engineer

    Sporty Group
    1 week ago

    iOS Engineer




    Sporty’s sites are some of the most popular on the internet, consistently staying in Alexa’s list of top websites for the countries they operate in.

    Sporty plans to launched its first iOS app to its millions of users at the end of January 2021. As an iOS developer in our team, you’ll be on the ground floor for the greenfield development of one of Africa’s most popular iOS apps.

    Who We Are

    Sporty Group is a consumer internet and technology business with an unrivalled sports media, gaming, social and fintech platform which serves millions of daily active users across the globe via technology and operations hubs across more than 10 countries and 3 continents.

    The recipe for our success is to discover intelligent and energetic people, who are passionate about our products and serving our users, and attract and retain them with a dynamic and flexible work life which empowers them to create value and rewards them generously based upon their contribution.

    We have already built a capable and proven team of 300+ high achievers from a diverse set of backgrounds and we are looking for more talented individuals to drive further growth and contribute to the innovation, creativity and hard work that currently serves our users further via their grit and innovation.

    Our Stack

    Languages: Swift

    Architecture: MVC, MVVM

    Layout: Programmatic UI, Xib

    Testing: XCTest

    Dependency management: Swift Package Manager

    CI/CD: Fastlane, Github Action, Jenkins


    Collaborate with Product Managers, Designers and Backend Engineers to design and deliver high-quality products on iOS

    Build end-to-end features of the app, such as networking, persistence, business logic and UI

    Prepare and maintain documents that include architectural diagrams and navigation maps in your area of expertise

    Analyse and prepare recommendations to address existing and potential issues in systems and procedures across the organisation, as well as design and recommend new solutions

    Participate in code reviews with team members to ensure that each increment adheres to original vision as described in the user story and all standard resource libraries and architecture patterns as appropriate

    Mentor less experienced team members


    2+ years of professional experience developing consumer-facing iOS applications using Swift

    Experience developing, delivering, and supporting native iOS applications by integrating REST APIs, push notifications and multithreaded experiences

    Solid foundation around software engineering fundamentals, object-oriented programming, MVC architecture, and iOS design patterns

    Deep understanding of multi-threading, memory management, networking, caching, performance optimisation, localisation, and security for mobile applications

    A creative approach to problem solving and crafting simplified solutions

    Excellent verbal and written communication and collaboration skills to effectively communicate with both business and technical teams

    Previous history of working with a remote, distributed team would be beneficial

    Bonus Requirements

    Experience with mobile video playback and streaming technologies

    Experience with reactive programming, e.g. RxSwift, Combine

    Experience with AVFoundation, CoreData, WKWebView

    Experience with TCP / IP socket


    Quarterly and flash bonuses

    Flexible working hours

    Top-of-the-line equipment

    Education allowance

    Referral bonuses

    28 days paid annual leave

    Annual Global and Team company retreats – Lisbon & Dubai are planned for 2022!

    Highly talented, dependable co-workers in a global, multicultural organisation

    We score 100% on The Joel Test

    Our teams are small enough for you to be impactful

    Our business is globally established and successful, offering stability and security to our Team Members

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to be an everyday entertainment platform for everyone

    Our Operating Principles

    1. Create Value for Users

    2. Act in the Long-Term Interests of Sporty

    3. Focus on Product Improvements & Innovation

    4. Be Responsible

    5. Preserve Integrity & Honesty

    6. Respect Confidentiality & Privacy

    7. Ensure Stability, Security & Scalability

    8. Work Hard with Passion & Pride

    Working at Sporty

    The top-down mentality at Sporty is high performance based, meaning we trust you to do your job with an emphasis on support to help you achieve, grow and de-block any issues when they’re in your way.

    Generally employees can choose their own hours, as long as they are collaborating and doing stand-ups etc. The emphasis is really on results.

    As we are a highly structured and established company we are able to offer the security and support of a global business with the allure of a startup environment. Sporty is independently managed and financed, meaning we don’t have arbitrary shareholder or VC targets to cater to.

    We literally build, spend and make decisions based on the ethos of building THE best platform of its kind. We are truly a tech company to the core and take excellent care of our Team Members.

  • XM logo

    iOS Developer – Cyprus, Greece or Remote

    2 weeks ago

    Reference Number: iOS1021

    The Role:

    We are looking for an iOS Developer with a passion for pushing mobile technologies to the limits and is willing to work with our team of talented engineers to develop Company’s enterprise suite of iOS applications.

    The main responsibilities of the position include:

    ·        Be part of the development of company's complex mobile application (challenging requirements such as security, live updates and complex business rules)

    ·        Emphasis on code quality delivery: unit and snapshot testing, UI testing

    ·        Follow continuous integration and Agile Methods; read and submit merge requests

    ·        Invest in multiple areas of the mobile development cycle: CI/CD, app health monitoring and alerting, data-driven analysis

    ·        Present ideas for system improvements and help to shape the future of our company

    ·        Continuously monitor and improve application, reliability and performance optimisation

    ·        Participate in design sprints when building new features or products

    Main requirements:

    ·        BSc/MSc in Computer Science, Engineering, or any other relevant degree

    ·        2+ years of experience on iOS development (Swift and the iOS SDK, Xcode, Apple Human Interface Guidelines)

    ·        Passion for mobile applications and a keen interest on personal development 

    ·        Solid understanding of the full mobile development life cycle

    ·        Have successfully published at least one iOS application to App Store (portfolio of apps on App Store)  

    ·        A keen interest in benchmarking and optimisation

    ·        Showcase of open-source projects and technical blogs will be considered as a plus

    ·        Proactive, sharp, efficient and organised

    ·        Excellent team working skills

    Benefit from:

    ·        Attractive remuneration package

    ·        Private health insurance 

    ·        Intellectually stimulating work environment

    ·        Continuous personal development and international training opportunities


    Type of employment: Full time

    Location: Cyprus, Greece or Remote

    Please visit our website www.xm.com/careers to submit your online application for this position.

    All applications will be treated with strict confidentiality!

  • Sendwave logo

    Senior iOS Engineer

    USA Only
    2 weeks ago

    Location: Belgium; Canada; Costa Rica; France; Germany; Kenya; Poland; Senegal; United Kingdom; US Locations; 100% Remote

    Who we are

    Sendwave is on a mission to make sending funds to loved ones as easy and affordable as sending a text. What makes us stand out in a sea of similar apps? We deeply care about the diasporas and communities we serve — and that comes with a sense of connection to the markets we operate in. We strive to make life better for everyone who touches our product. That means recognizing and honoring the human experience behind sending money. We do that by remaining fee-free in most of our markets and offering round-the-clock customer care.

    Our app is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and parts of Europe, and sends funds to 19 receiving countries for over 500,000 users. We currently have a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot — people put their faith in us to deliver their money quickly, securely, and affordably. And we’re pretty darn proud of that.

    How we work

    What we’re most proud of though is our brilliant, creative, and tenacious team. Our remote-first workplace means you’ll be working with Sendwavers in Europe, Africa, South America, and the U.S. that all share a core set of Sendwave values. What exactly are those values? Glad you asked.

    • Prioritize fearlessly.There will always be more problems to solve and opportunities to pursue than we have the capacity for. We’re not afraid to say no and are willing to let fires burn, knowing that to win we must discern and execute decisively on the vital few rather than the important many.
    • Take full ownership of the outcomes we’re responsible for.Our job is not to do what we can to solve a problem. It’s to ensure that problem is solved. If an attempt to solve a problem doesn’t work, we seek an alternative. If we need help, we request it, and, if necessary, demand it.
    • Forge a diverse team and inclusive culture.We believe the challenges we’re addressing will be best met by a truly global, diverse team, working together. We’re not naive to the systemic bias and discrimination that make this easier said than done, so we check our egos, listen deeply, and measure progress towards making this a fundamental part of our success.
    • Maximize our rate of learning.We view projects as ever-evolving drafts and welcome opportunities to discover that what we had in mind won’t work so we can move to an even better end state. Most importantly, we do this fast. The faster we run these loops — as a company and individuals — the faster we’ll achieve our mission.
    • Embrace embarrassing honesty from ourselves and others.We function best when we’re open and honest with one another — especially about our challenges and doubts. We lean into uncomfortable conversations and support our colleagues when they do the same.
    • Maximize energy, not time spent.We measure our own and others’ contributions by objectives reached, not time spent. Living a full life outside of work is necessary for high achievement over the long term.

    Good to note: We are able to hire in Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Kenya, Poland, Senegal, UK, and US.

    Your key area of focus

    To achieve our mission, we need to make sure our app is easy to use — for every interaction, from signup to sending, to editing info, to resetting passwords. You’ll work closely with our Product team to fix highly impactful user problems, and A/B test interface changes — to make the experience even smoother and quicker. You’ll eventually become one of the primary code owners of our iOS app. You’ll also become a go-to person when another team member needs help with a difficult iOS problem. Beyond iOS you’ll be working across client and server, looking at the broader picture, providing end-to-end solutions.

    In your first few months, you’ll…

    • Advise other engineers on iOS development questions and challenges.
    • Assist with prioritizing efforts to refactor existing code to use modern best practices.
    • Supervise and oversee technical aspects of development projects.
    • Work with other teams within Sendwave to solve business problems.
    • Streamline in-app signup and verification flows.
    • Set up A/B tests to measure the impact of your work.
    • Help us build a top-tier referral program, to help users share their love of Sendwave with their friends.

    What you bring to the table…

    • 5 – 7 years professional experience as a full stack or mobile engineer.
    • Significant experience working with iOS. You don’t need to have every detail of the iOS environment memorised — but should have a strong foundation, so you can figure out those details when needed.
    • Familiarity with both Objective C and Swift.
    • Work authorization for the country where your role is based.

    Bonus points if you

    • Have previously worked on a growth team.
    • Care about users, and want to give them an improved, simpler experience.
    • Are more of a “get it done” than a “perfectionist” type person — you value getting features into the hands of our users.
    • Aren’t afraid to throw away code you wrote – because after testing, a flow you built doesn’t work as well as a different one.
    • Easily communicate with non-technical team members, and can translate their feedback into code.
    • Are comfortable defaulting to over-communication and overreaching when it comes to coordination
    • Adjust quickly and effectively to shifting priorities, conditions, complexity and change.
    • Have hands-on experience with Python or Android.

    The benefits and perks you’ll enjoy…

    • Convenient, remote working. Sendwave is 100% remote.
    • Subsidized health insurance and pension contribution-matching (both vary from country-to-country)
    • 26 weeks fully paid parental leave, and subsidized fertility assistance
    • Unlimited vacation with a 20-day minimum requirement
    • Upto $10,000 annual charitable donation-matching
    • Significant equity

    And best of all:

    • Our team of over 400 employees, fully distributed across the world. We are working from coffee shops, homes, and coworking spaces — making us one of the larger fully distributed growth-stage startups in the world.
    • Proud parents, community organizers, farmers, play in bands, teach yoga, YouTube influencers, former Olympians, and serial entrepreneurs.
    • We collectively speak over twenty languages, including Akuapem, Amharic, Bengali, Ewe, Fante, Ga, Igbo, Kalenjin, Luganda, Oromo, Somali, Swahili, Wolof, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.
    • Our new collaborators at WorldRemit, another remittance company. We recently joined forces, and we’re excited about the ways we can continue to provide the best service to our users.

    Ready to apply?

    Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If interested, please submit your resume along with a cover letter highlighting why your experience demonstrates you meet the requirements of the role. Please also indicate the countries in which you have work authorization.

    Confidence can sometimes hold us back from applying for a job. But we’ll let you in on a secret: there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ candidate. Sendwave is a place where everyone can thrive. So however you identify and whatever background you bring with you, please apply if this is a role that would make you excited to wake up every day.

  • Uber logo

    Staff iOS Engineer

    USA Only
    3 weeks ago

    Staff iOS Engineer

    iOS, Engineering

    San Francisco, California

    Toronto, Canada

    Remote, United States

    As an Engineer on the Rider Core Team, you’ll contribute to building the core product experiences and infrastructure powering our flagship Uber app, which directly impacts millions of lives each day.

    This is a unique opportunity for an engineer and strong collaborator who can work with talented people in product, design, data science, operations, and engineering to help build our next-generation consumer experience products. It’s a very high impact role where you will interface with all major product & platform teams at Uber, building out the core Checkout and Trip experiences.

    What You’ll Do

    • Design & Engineer our latest product solutions and platforms from inception through to delivery at Uber scale.
    • Your ideas get to shape the direction and strategy in solving some of Uber’s hardest problems, you’ll have a key seat at the table in how we turn ideas into magical solutions for our customers.
    • Work through multi-functional partners across Uber teams to drive consensus and ship your features.
    • Collaborate and brainstorm with peers including Engineering, Product, Operations and Business partners

    Basic Qualifications

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience
    • Strong experience w/ either Obj-C and/or Swift
    • Five (5) years of professional experience building in either mobile platform/sdk/dev tools, or mobile consumer facing features

    Preferred Qualifications

    • At least eight (8) years of software engineering experience
    • Strong problem-solving and architectural design skills
    • Experience coding using general purpose programming language (eg. C/C++, Java, Python, Go, C#, or Javascript) and building large-scale backend systems
    • Previously worked on mobile apps that scale to millions of users.
    • Proven experience working on consumer-facing products
    • Proven experience with driving cross-team and multi-functional collaborations

    For the last 11 years, Uber has disrupted the Mobility & Transportation industry, so much that “Uber” has become the verb used to describe ride-sharing products going from point A to point B on-demand. We’re the go-to product for on-demand ride sharing. However, Uber is not yet considered the go-to product for other transportation needs such as rentals, regularly scheduled travel, micro mobility or even daily commute. We are far from being the go-to product for transporting things. What product and tech do we need to build for Uber to be the go-to-app for all these transportation use cases?

    “For Colorado-based applicants: Please refer to this role in our careers page for more details on your total compensation and benefits package. You can get there by clicking ‘apply’ if you’re not already on our careers site. #LI-Remote”

    For Colorado-based roles: The salary/hourly rate range for this role is $219,000 per year – $243,000 per year. You will be eligible to participate in Uber’s bonus program, and may be offered an equity award, commissions, & other types of comp. You will also be eligible for various benefits. More details about our company benefits can be found at the following link: https://www.uber.com/careers/benefits.

    At Uber, we reimagine the way the world moves for the better. The idea was born on a snowy night in Paris in 2008, and ever since then, our DNA of reimagination and reinvention carries on. We’ve grown into a global platform moving people and things in ever-expanding ways, taking on big problems to help drivers, riders, delivery partners, and eaters make movement happen at the push of a button for everyone, everywhere.

    We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a future where everyone and everything can move independently. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let’s move the world forward, together.

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