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1. Pender

Pender is a modern resume template for those seeking a modern and clean resume.

Modern, simple, and clean.

Capture the attention of the reader with an oversized summary section, then draw them into your neatly formatted work experience. Recruiters love Pender's minimalistic style and focus on content.
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Web resumePDF
Pender modern resume template for iOS Developers. Shown in web and PDF format.

Resume Design

Pender focuses the reader on your experience through exceptional use of whitespace and typography. It's lack of borders, separators, icons, or colors create a serene reading experience.
Pender supports the addition of a photo for locations or industries that they are required. It can also be used to add your personal logo or a splash of color.
Design details of modern iOS Developer resume sample.

Resume Font

The Inter font by Rasmus Anderson is used for heading and body text.
Best font for modern resume format: Inter.
Inter features a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text. Several OpenType features are provided as well, like contextual alternates that adjusts punctuation depending on the shape of surrounding glyphs

Resume Builder

Breeze through your job search with this simple resume template.
Pender modern resume template built with Standard Resume builder.
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Resume Sections

Pender has a prominent summary section and support for other standard resume and curriculum vitae sections. A hybrid, functional, chronological, or reverse-chronological resume can be created by reordering sections.
Contact information
Minimal, but easy to find.
Resume summary
This template's prominent summary is ideal for drawing recruiters into your resume. Say something interesting and change their scanning into reading.
Work experience
The larger than usual job description font encourages the reader to do more than just scan the job titles and companies of your work history.
Education section
Equal emphasis on the school and degree, with the option to add more information.
Skills section
Customizable skills color allows you to control the emphasis on skills.

2. Georgia

Georgia lets your personality shine. Get the recruiter's attention with a bold and modern resume design.

Bold, modern, and eye-catching.

The two-column layout with a sidebar is an effective use of space. It's easy to read, but also easy to build a one-page resume.
Georgia is as eye-catching as an infographic resume and as easy to read as a traditional resume. It's a great way to stand out without annoying recruiters or breaking applicant tracking systems.
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Web resumePDF
Georgia modern resume template for Digital Marketers. Shown in web and PDF format.

Resume Formatting

Georgia is one of our most unique resume designs. It's defining design elements are the use of color and oversized initials in the header.
You can easily customize the styling of this modern resume template to match your desired feel.
Design details of modern Digital Marketer resume sample.

Resume Font

The heading and body font is Poppins byIndian Type Foundry.
Best font for modern resume template: Poppins.
Geometric sans serif typefaces have been a popular design tool ever since these actors took to the world’s stage. Poppins is one of the new comers to this long tradition. With support for the Devanagari and Latin writing systems, it is an internationalist take on the genre.

Resume Builder

Get attention and make a good first impression with this creative resume template.
Georgia modern resume template created with Standard Resume builder.
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Resume Sections

Georgia supports all of our standard resume sections, as well as custom sections. Lists and contact information are placed in the sidebar (left column) and detail sections are placed in the right column.
Contact information
At the top of the left column, immediately below the header section.
Resume summary
An optional and moderately sized resume gives you an opportunity to showcase your highlights, without distracting from your work experience.
Work experience section
Large company names put an emphasis on the companies you have worked for, which is one of the first things recruiters look for when reading your resume.
Education section
Large school name also makes it fast for recruiters and hiring managers to find what they are looking for.
Skills section
The sidebar skills location gives you plenty of room if you want to include many skills.

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3. Sidney

Sidney is a perfect choice for the majority of job applications. It's our most popular resume template.

Minimalist, clean, and eye-catching.

Recruiters love the one-column layout with generous whitespace because its easy to scan and identify relevant information.
Applicant tracking systems are getting smarter, but Sidneys one-column layout with clear headings makes it a safe choice if you are concerned.
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Web resumePDF
Sidney modern resume template for Software Engineers. Shown in web and PDF format.

Resume Formatting

Sidneys modern resume format is optimized for readability, with a touch of personalization. Choose a custom color for your monogram to make it yours, without distracting the reader.
Design details of modern Software Engineer resume sample.

Resume Font

The heading and body font is LFT Etica byLeftloft.
Best font for modern resume template: LFT Etica.
LFT Etica has become a de facto choice for web design and has proven versatile in applications where the ratio between information and space becomes an important challenge.

Resume Builder

Apply with confidence using this simple, professional, and modern resume template.
Sidney modern resume template made with Standard Resume builder.
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Resume Sections

Sidney supports the usual sections: contact information, summary, work experience, education, skills, and more. Sections can be reordered to create a functional resume, chronological resume, or hybrid resume layout.
Contact information
At the top of the resume and easy to read. You can also include a link to your LinkedIn profile, but we don't suggest linking to other social media profiles.
Resume summary
Highlight your strengths without taking too much attention from your professional experience.
Work experience
Bold company name headers emphasize where you worked. Scannable job titles and bullet points make it easy to understand what you did there.
Education section
Focused on school name and degree, with the option to include GPA, awards, etc.
Skills section
Simple for hiring managers to check for the required soft skills and hard skills.

4. Cordova

Cordova is the ideal template for job seekers with the confidence to stand out.

Modern, elegant, and creative.

Cordova is our most elegant template. It's well suited for designers and other professions where applying with a boring resume won't cut it.
Don't bother with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, the graphic design of this high quality template is everything you need and you'll be done in a fraction of the time.
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Web resumePDF
Cordova modern resume template for UX Designers. Shown in web and PDF format.

Resume Formatting

The minimalist layout, editable color scheme, and striking typography set new standard for creative resume design.
Recruiters will appreciate your display of taste and personality, without departing too far from a traditional layout, making it easy to scan.
Design details of modern UX Designer resume sample.

Resume Font

The heading font is EB Garamond by Georg Duffner, and the body font is Inter by Rasmus Anderson.
Best font for modern resume format: EB Garamond.
EB Garamond is intended to be an excellent, classical, Garamond. It is a community project to create a revival of Claude Garamont’s famous humanist typefaces from the mid-16th century. This digital version reproduces the original design by Claude Garamont closely.

Resume Builder

Stand out with a well designed resume that you didn't have to design yourself.
Cordova modern resume template built with Standard Resume builder.
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Resume Sections

Cordova supports the usual sections: contact information, summary, work experience, education, skills, and more. Sections can be reordered to create a functional resume, chronological resume, or hybrid resume layout.
Contact information
At the top and easy to read. Recruiters will have no problem scheduling an interview.
Resume summary
Cordova has an oversized resume summary to catch the reader's attention. It's optional, if you prefer to emphasize your work history.
Work experience
Bold company names emphasize the companies you've worked at. Bullet points allow for easy to read accomplishments.
Education section
Focused on school name, with the option to include GPA, awards, etc.
Skills section
The skills have a flare of color, that can be modified to keep a black and white color scheme.

Templates by Style

Find the right type of resume template for every job application. Browse the best resume templates online.
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CV Templates

As described by UC Davis, the primary differences between a resume and a CV are length, section order, and emphasis on experience or academic achievements.
Our resume templates can also be used as CV templates because every template supports patents, publications, and fully custom sections, as well as reordering sections.

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Resume Examples

Resume writing is challenging. Use these real-world resume samples from successful job seekers as inspiration to write your own. Software Engineer, iOS Developer, UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, and many more resume examples.
Modern Software Engineer resume template sample.
Modern UX Designer resume example.
Modern Digital Marketer resume sample.
Modern Web Developer resume template example.

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